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Received my Canik TP9SF in flat dark earth last week and hit the range on Sunday. Pistol shot great with no malfunctions of any kind using 124 gr plated round nose handloads, Sig 124 gr V-Crowns or Federal 147 gr HST. Was accurate too. However, one issue that definitely came to light is my trigger finger constantly dragged on the bottom inside of the flat trigger guard. I kept trying to get a higher grip to position my trigger finger higher on the trigger shoe but it would be hitting the inside of the trigger guard within a shot or two. I also brougt my CZ PCR, which has a rounded bottom of the trigger guard like a Berreta 92F, and my trigger finger never hit it. Has anyone ever experienced this? It really bugged me to the point where I am considering selling it. I really wanted to like this pistol so am bummed out.
freedomsmith has a trigger that has a slight curve at the end of it that may help you out. $80 would be less that what you would lose selling and buying somehting else. If you look at their "zombie pro" triggers I think you will find what you need, they have quite a bend at the bottom to keep your finger placed. I love my sf elite which looks as though it has the same trigger except my safety is red and have had no problems with my finger placement, but then again my hands are very large almost too large for the gun which may help keep my fingers where they need to be.

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