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By Hoax
Hi I'm a new owner of the TP9 Elite Combat and wondered if anyone has a Kidon Kit and could share some of the good/bad to before I pull the trigger on $500 upgrade.

I also purchased the optic:
HS507K-X2 from Holosun

Which I mention because I'm not sure it will fit with the kit or need to be removed. I'm sure it won't be usable but I like the idea of creating A SBR easily.

I'm also not sure about the ammo specifics as it was addressed in earlier posts that 124 grain +P is preferred but others say that's just at first.

If I add on a compensator or suppressor will that mean I should stick with the often more expensive rounds or switch out my spring?

Thanks for the help!
Well, first of all, I'm not sure that there's a plate for the EC to fit the 507k. The EC came out before the micro red dots and has plates for standard sized red dots like the RMR, 507C and others. If there is a plate for the Shield RSMC footprint, they you might be good but you'll probably have to modify that plate a little too.

Regarding that Kidon thing, I picked up a MCK for Glocks once and sold it the day after I received it. $500 seems pretty steep to me. I just found the MCK to be a toy. Might be fun but I just couldn't justify keeping it for the $300 or less I paid for it.

Keep in mind that if that Kidon comes with a stock, I'm pretty sure you will have to register the gun as an SBR which is another $200. To me that's $700 for a kinda gimmicky thing. That's a whole new gun or a ton of ammo!

You can put a comp on the EC but I'd suggest taking it slow at first and just learning to shoot and they you will slowly find things you want to change or improve.

Suppressors is a whole different conversation. I'm happy to discuss as I love them but get ready to drop another $800-1000 and wait several months for it to get out of jail. To be fair though, I'd put that money from the Kidon thing towards a suppressor.
By Hoax
I did purchase a Banish 45 from Silencer Central which takes about 3-4 months currently through the new E-file system. They setup a Trust in my name for FREE and I can make changes to it for as long as I live (add/remove people).

They really took care of all my concerns and I will just need to sign and notarize a form that they send out in the mail.

Canik also reached back to me and told me if I send them my s/n they will send a heavy force and light force spring for FREE to use a suppressor and lighter grain ammo.

In regards to the Kidon, yes I hear you on the cheaper aspect and the form 1 seems to be a headache but I have a lawyer to contact to facilitate the process of creating a trust and making it all legal should I go that route. As for $200 + $500 for the kit I'm no millionaire but I do like the idea of owning 1 firearm that can be a close quarters i.e. home defense firearm with suppressor that can easily be transformed to a ccw in case I go back to work as in private sector. Maybe it can be a tax right-off?
By ncjw
For about $500+$200 you can get a real rifle set up as an "AR-15 pistol" with the Canik as a sidearm. Seems much more useful. No lawyer fees required.

There's an old saying, "the only use for a pistol is to fight your way to your rifle".

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