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So I've seen mention of how the grip is different now. Not the stippling but that they have changed or shaved some width off of the "beaver tail" where many have had issues with discomfort with their thumb knuckle. However, I haven't seen anyone actually show actual measurements to demonstrate what really has changed. Thus, I thought it would be a good thread to compare measurements of the original SFX versus the new models. If you have an old and new, please post up measurements if you can. If you only have the new, I will see if I can put together some measurements from my SFX(s).

Watching the MrGunsNGear video at this time stamp I can see that the beaver tail does indeed look a little different. That rear roll pin is definitely sunken in further than it was before. I guess I may have answered my own question but I still think it's a good conversation to have to compare what really has changed. ... AkuQ&t=373
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