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By garypo
I'm shopping around for some extra mags for my Mete SFT. I thought I remembered reading that TP9 mags worked but had issues with the METE extended mag well. While searching around here in the older posts I saw one reading that the Mete uses the TP9 MA548 and MA550 mags. Is that true?

Also from what I read Mec-gar makes the Canik mags. Why is Canik not listed on their web sight as a manufacture that they make mags for?
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By BlasterRick2
Ok, one more time with feeling...

METE uses MA548 and MA550 magazines, which are made by Mec-Gar. The MA550 mag sold on the canikusa website has a bevel on the front edge of the +2 base plate that accommodates the magwell. If you buy a mec-gar MA550, the +2 base plate will not have the bevel but since it is plastic, it is no big deal to put one on. As I recall, you may have to sand down the back corners some as well. See the picture for the difference - the middle (gray) base plate is an unmodified mec-gar MA550 and the other two are Canik.

As to why the Mec-Gar website leaves off the Canik mags, that is a good question. My guess is Century Arms/Canikusa has some type of drug deal with them. You can ask them on their contact page, but everything seems to be out of stock anyway, so probably won't get you anywhere.
MA550 +2 Base Plate Comparison
MA550 +2 Base Plate Comparison
IMG_20220120_055445339.jpg (634.08 KiB) Viewed 1568 times
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By BlasterRick2
Just got this answer back from Mec-Gar:

"Thank you for your interest in Mec-Gar magazines. Mec-Gar Italy is an OEM supplier of magazines direct to Canik. Due to Canik owning the tooling rights to their magazines Mec-Gar Italy is unable to offer them or their parts in their consumer aftermarket line. You should contact the importer stamped on the pistol for additional magazines or parts. None of our magazines can be modified to work with the guns."

Like I said - drug deal.
By garypo
usphisics wrote: Sat Feb 05, 2022 10:57 am Did you a place to buy the magazine? I could not find it and I need to buy one, 18 or 20.
No. But, when I serched "Canik MA548", the 18 round, I did put myself on the notify me when they are back in stock of most of the major retailers. They did have some on gunbroker for like $60 each.
By Mikebaker1129
The response from MecGar about no other magazines will fit if modified is inaccurate.
Mecgar 18 & 20 rd.are the exact same body and internals minus the mag catch slot and the minute differences in the baseplates.
Cut the catch slot on the MG 92 mag and you are "Golden ".

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