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By Shawn0829
Just bought my 1st Canik Friday & thinking of adding a light to it. Any recommendations for the light? Will probably get an OWB holster; any preferences for holsters? I know there's a ton on both subjects, but I'm just trying to get some opinions.
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By keltex78
Won't work with the light, but....

I carry my SC OWB, using the Canik holster that came with the pistol, modded. The factory holster is designed to be worn both IWB and OWB, but I don't carry IWB, sooo ...

I removed the clips, replacing them with a pair of salvaged clips from a broken Blue-Star kydex holster I had stashed. Fits much closer, and more rigidly than with the tuckable clips Canik used.

I tried the Phalanx universal-fit holster, but the Elite SC just doesn't fit right, in part due to the extended slide release lever. :cry:
By 1neOf1ne
I use the Olight PL Mini 2, as far as the holsters then try, they make holsters for the the combinations of the TP9 SC with Olight weapon lights. I’m currently awaiting mines now, it’s a lead time of 3 to 4 weeks now. I should be receiving mines soon.
By qballbandit
My wife also has an Olight PL Mini 2 on hers, fit into a RedX Gear holster (owb).

Neil 8-)
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