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That's a no. The original SFX has a different backstrap with a rearward attachment point for the magwell. The next question is can the SFX backstrap be modified to work with the METE magwell's bottom attachment screw setup. My SFX frame is currently out for a stippling job so I can't answer to this right now, but I will take a look when I get it back. I'm not too hopeful.
Ok, I fitted my METE magwell to my SFx. The shape is the same and it will go on, however, you will have to drill a hole into the bottom of the SFx backstrap (actually, the plastic below the SFx backstrap attachment point). The real problem is the bottom the METE frame is flared out to hold the front of the magwell in place, where there is almost no flare on the SFx. Something will have to be done to hold the front of the magwell in place, either gluing it, or increasing the SFx flare, maybe with a heat gun. Overall I would say it is doable; probably the hardest part is getting a hold of a METE magwell in the first place!
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