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Folks, as an FYI that I'm not sure has been covered yet (if it has then I apologize) I wanted to post some results on my experience with the different colored Canik recoil springs. I bought their blue&red recoil spring pack when I bought the gun over a year ago.

With my TP9 SFX and the default/original RSA (recoil spring assembly) I had some FTEs when I first used the gun. That went away as the gun&RSA broke in, within about 200-250 rounds of ~320ft-lb ammo (all I had at the time). After break-in I tried the blue RSA to see what it would do on some ~336ft-lb ammo. That RSA was too weak in that it allowed the slide to really hammer its back-stop compared to the default RSA (increasing muzzle flip of course). So I haven't used the blue RSA after that. I suppose the blue spring would be right for low energy ammo. Canik says it's for "reduced power" ammo, whatever that means to them. They provide no quantitative guidance on the use of their springs. That's why I'm posting this message.

Since then I've been shooting ammo in the 365-380ft-lb range with the default RSA. It works OK, but I already have the red RSA so why not see what it does at this energy level? Canik says it's for "high energy" ammo, but again they don't make a quantitative statement that leads us to understand which spring works best for which ammo.

I compressed the red RSA for about 48 hours (with the slide locked back) and cycled it about 200 times manually before going to the range. I shot the red RSA on 124gr 365ft-lb ammo. It worked very well. I would say it works better than the default RSA for this energy level. The gun cycles correctly (no FTE or weak ejections) and seems smoother because the impact of the slide at its back-stop is less (so muzzle-flip is a smaller force during recoil). (The stronger spring also forces the slide into battery more firmly and this decreases slide-to-frame looseness.) I would also think that perhaps a firmer return-to-battery pushes the muzzle back into the horizontal firing position more quickly besides also decreasing back-stop impact? Maybe that's part of my experience that for this level of ammo energy the gun seemed more smooth/manageable during the recoil process.

In conclusion I would say the red RSA is better for ammo with energy above ~360ft-lb. I have not shot it yet on some 420ft-lb ammo that I have, but I'd readily bet that the red RSA is a lot better for that energy level than the default RSA would be. When using the red RSA on 365ft-lb ammo I did not have any problems with ejection, but I didn't study ejection performance (like the distance the cases are driven to, etc). I learned that for me the red RSA will be my normal RSA since I mostly shoot ammo at or above 365ft-lb. I'll swap back to the default RSA for some lower energy (336ft-lb) ammo I have in storage, but for stuff above 360ft-lb I'll use the red spring.

A possible error here is that since the red RSA forces the slide back into battery more firmly perhaps this will cause pre-mature wear on the impacted surfaces? Perhaps someone here with expertise can comment on this aspect.

It sure would be nice if Canik provided some quantitative guidance with the spring pack. They could have easily at least stated a range of energies appropriate for each spring. It's not like they have no idea which works best for what ammo, and it's not hard to print this on the package or post it with the spring kit on their website.
Good info, thx.

As the SFx was designed for NATO, and NATO rated rounds, I would have expected some of the results with the stiffer spring.

I have tens of thousands of rounds through my SFx without issue and, there is one gentleman on this forum that has over 80,000 rounds through an SFx without issue.

They take a licking and keep on ticking....

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