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By Caliber
I know absolutely nothing about SAR other than they are also made in Turkey and some of their pistols are used by the Turkish military. Anyone have any opinions about the quality of SAR or any other comments? Here's a SAR 9 Mete.
SAR Mete1.jpg
SAR Mete1.jpg (73.86 KiB) Viewed 240 times
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By colonel00
Plenty of older posts on here about SAR9's. I have one and really like it. The only negative is the trigger which isn't the best. Also, I don't think replacement sights are easily found, at least for the rear.
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By keltex78
I don't own a SAR9, but handled one at a show once. Ergonomics are great, with the HK style panels, but like mentioned, the trigger was a bit too gritty. Trigger on the Canik is much better.
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By LT USN (Ret.)
I own both, a SAR 9 and a TP9SFx.

The SFx has been converted and used for the last 3+ years as a USPSA competition gun in Carry Optics division.

My SAR 9 is a house weapon. It's a pretty nice firearm and I've upgraded the internals and trigger. It is not an "OMG GREAT" firearm but it goes boom every time.

As stated before, aftermarket sight upgrades are nonexistent. I have contacted SAR-USA several times and asked about this. "The check is in the mail" is about as good as my replies get.

Reviews on the new variant of SARs have been good. That being said, I would buy a SAR K12 in a heartbeat if I found a good price on one.
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By Badgerboy
As mentioned, there are old threads on SAR, and in them I remember being incredibly witty and interesting in my comments...or maybe not...sometimes my memory isn't that great. As LT stated, they are good "value" guns, but not to the level of SFX...however, my SAR9s cost a tad more than 1/2 my SFX, so it isn't a fair comparison. I would compare a SAR9 to an TP9SA or SF. Here, the SAR9 is closer, but still not up to Canik. I also have a couple SAR BP6 models (Tanfoglio Witness clone), and they are decent as well. Overall, SAR is a solid, value pistol. Mine are reliable and, like Bella (my dog), like to ride in the truck with me.
By ShooterMcGavin
My 1st handgun was a Sar K2P 9mm. I still have it and for the $279 that it cost me, it is feature rich and 100% reliable. I shoot it well.
It's tough to compare to my Canik. The Sar is da/sa hammerfired with a manual safety. I think Sarsilmaz makes a quality firearm, but there isn't much ,if any, aftermarket. Interestingly, my Elite SC isn't much smaller than the K2P.
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