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By Teniferg17
i am stil new o the Canik scene. I have a TP9SF and a TP9DA . LOVE them both. I hae been seeing people having problems with the TP9SF Elite. They seem to have problems with the cartridges double feeding and other problems. Are these common problems ? The one I have been looking at it all black and is rather nice looking even though I am not one to go off fashion. Please chime in if you have had problems with the Elite. Thanks !
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By colonel00
Haven't really heard of double feeds that I recall. Mostly, people have issues with failures to eject due to the stiff recoil spring that comes in these guns. If you found your SF and DA to be fine then the Elite will probably be fine too. If you want, you can request a lighter recoil spring from Century Arms.
I have both models, and never had this issue. I simply ran 100 or so rounds of NATO 124gr through them to loosen the springs, and they both have performed flawlessly since.

Neil 8-)
I am used to Glocks. Never needed to break one in they are usually 100% from the get go.

Caniks seem to need some break in. I have had some issues first out. (not with either of my TP9SC's!) Put some more time in them.

Not limp wristing are you?
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By BamaElite
I have a SF Elite that I carry; have had zero issues with it None. Nada.
Mine has been "pull trigger - bang - every time"
Don't know if it has anything to do with anything, but the first 2-3 boxes I ran thru mine was all 124gr +P

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