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New Members, take a moment and introduce yourself. Tell us a little about you and your interest in the Canik brand of firearms.
I just figured I would post to say that I bought my first handgun yesterday. I picked up a TP9SF Elite and can't wait to get some range time with it. Now to pick up some accessories, I need a new holster since I am left handed if anyone has any suggestions.
welcome to the site..... :-H

i have a Canik METE SFx, but i will not carry that one. (and incidentally it came with one that can be IWB/OWB)

for my carry, i have a Springfield Armory Hellcat.

as for the holster(s) i actually have 2...

one from "we the people"

and the other from, "Alien Gear"

both are (to me) comfortable for ccw, right handed, but for my everyday carry, i prefer the Alien Gear, as it has a backing plate that is comfortable against my body
Thanks for the warm welcomes.

How is the "we the people" holder holding up? There are quite a few people bashing them online, but sometimes I think that people will bash something just because it is reasonably priced.
I keep my lefty Elite snuggly in a RedX Gear holster, also molded for an Olight Baldr Pro light/laser mounted on the rail.


Neil 8-)
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