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Next time you are at the range, put tape over the front of the sight so you can still see the dot with your dominant eye but not beyond it. Then shoot with both eyes open and see how you do. This should work with any red dot so try it with a rifle as well. For most people, your dominant eye will still see the dot and your nondominant eye will see the target. If your brain and eyes are synced up, your brain will actually use info from both eyes to put the dot on target even though you can't actually see the dot on the target.
Interesting. Yup, it works for me. I did have to blink a bit to force a switch from showing the black image that comes thru the dot eye and thus to allow me to see the target. When seeing the target I did get an image of the dot added over it, so the brain was doing the "trick" correctly.

It is a good demonstration of how the brain deals with two eyes. The brain actually constructs an image for us. We don't see *exactly* what is in front of us.
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