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Discussion for Competition Shooting.
By SFXowner
I've been training a lot this last year with my carry g19, but have really been encouraged to start doing some USPSA matches to hone my skills even more. i'm 54 with a bit of a handicap (bad left leg) and my eyes are bad, but damn if I didn't have a blast yesterday. I didn't place last and managed 115 A, 31 C, 7 D and 2 M. I would have placed very well had my mobility been better (the time factor hurt me obviously) but I was happy with the results. Shooting has given me a new hobby after being injured several years ago. Fortunate to have a LOT of matches around the DFW area and looking forward to many more to come.

Running an SFT with SRO and a Freedomsmith Vanguard Trigger. Will run some with my SFT as well to see how I shoot that with the smaller 407k.

I'm sitting there with a $500 pistol and watching the guys with these very expensive 2011/Open guns with all sorts of malfunctions, I ran the entire match with zero malfunctions with cheapo factory 115g ammo (and running blue recoil springs as I sometimes run 147g -p loads for practice).
By SFXowner
It was nice to shoot my first match with a squad of really nice guys, learned a lot and they were willing to share. My expectations are minimal, no way I can move as fast as everyone else, but I look forward to the challenge.

Fortunately everyone in that squad were willing to share mags/springs etc to get gear running better. But yes, I did get chuckle knowing my SRO was basically more than my pistol itself :lol:
By JackinSD
First of all, Congratulations on expanding your shooting activities. I know the age, eyesight, injury, and a heart attack. Enjoy it for what you get out of it and what it can give you. I shoot my SFX with a 507c and I shoot ironsights (with the right eyewear). I have had the fortune of shooting USPSA for several years though. With no plans on stopping.
By SFXowner
LT USN (Ret.) wrote: Mon Dec 13, 2021 3:14 pm
LT USN (Ret.) wrote: Sun Dec 12, 2021 4:57 pm we need video evidence of your shooting ability. :d
Here's one of the "simple" stages from our match this weekend. I'm slow also but I get there.

Camera is mounted on the bill of my hat.

I have another match this weekend I'll have someone take a video on one of the stages. That last swinger, dear lord baby jesus i'd be reaching for another mag.....
By SFXowner
So my other Xmas present arrived today and just got back from dropping it off at the Sig Armorer (blasphemy I know) but I will continue to run my canik off and on for a while.
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