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is the METE SFX and SFT guns compatible with the TP9 MA548 and MA550 (18 and 20 round respecitvely) mags??? I know the SFX used the MA548's and MA550's but I didn't know if the METE SFX used a proprietary one due to the flared magwell included. I was hoping the TP9 mags i have stacked deep would work with the METE so I don't have to start a whole new mag collection
Same mag. Obviously, if you are going to use the mag well, you will probably want to use extended baseplates. You only get one +2 baseplate mag with the gun. I use Taylor Freelance extended baseplates, and they work fine with my METE as well.
sweet, I was pretty sure it was, just wanted to make sure since the youtube influences kept saying "they kept SOME of the features of the TP9 series, but it's it's own gun!" that I wanted to make sure I could still use my stack of OEM mags as that was one of the appeals of the gun

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