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Mtw4991 wrote: ↑Tue Nov 30, 2021 8:58 am I got my Mete yesterday, cleaned and lubed everything. All is good other than the takedown tabs are VERY difficult to press to release the slide. Any way to loosen them up a bit other than wear and time?
ok, sorry i am late to this party.

i have the new Canik METE SFx, and here is what i have done to help with the take down tabs....(they are a bit hard, but not that awfully bad)

pull back the slide about half way to the tab....then pull down the tabs, then pull the trigger, till it clicks/ too, the slide does not have to slide all the way forward to remove, only a partial forward till you "see" the slide openings, and it lifts off the frame


then you see that slide stop in the block? put a drop in the front of it, and to the rear of the "button"


next, you see how the right side tab "seems" to be rubbing on the frame? put a drop ONLY at this tab, between the frame and the tab.


this is what i do at each cleaning, i suspect that "in time", the take down tabs will "loosen up"

otherwise, it is really not that bad for a new gun.
colonel00 wrote: ↑Thu Dec 02, 2021 1:02 pm If you take the slide off are the buttons still hard to move?
yes, they will be. i do not have the same number of rounds as the o/p does, i only have about 200 rounds so far

my best guess is that like anything else, with time, things will loosen up a bit.

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