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New Members, take a moment and introduce yourself. Tell us a little about you and your interest in the Canik brand of firearms.
By garypo
I love my metal frame handguns. I have never shot a polymer or striker fired gun.

I have been thinking about getting a new full size 9mm for punching holes in paper at the range and a better option for my night stand gun for a person with aging eyes. Optics ready, co witness back up sights, and an accessory rail for a light were key priorities. These options in a metal gun ended up to be quite expensive so I started looking at Caniks.

I kinda had my eye on the mete sft. They had some Caniks in the case the other day at my local indoor range/gun shop. I asked to see the SFT expecting to think "Oh, that is why this is less then half the price of a metal gun with the same options." But, that thing felt pretty nice. I was not let down. The first thing the clerk said to me was "Try that trigger." I have to say the Canik trigger is not over hyped. That is just a damn good trigger.

I think the Mete SFT is going to be my Christmas present to myself.
By ncjw
Somewhere in this forum I describe my exact same thought process.

I went with an SF (now would be the SFT Mete) with Night Fision sights, figuring that a red dot wouldn't be necessary inside a room or hallway.

Also, since I had a 1911, I finally gave up my bias that 8+10 .45acp would be better than 21+20 9mm.

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