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By GaDawg0513
I've had a few builds in my time but this is my first 80%. Wanted to pass on what I learned.
1) Buy the raw unfinished 80% Lower. They are $10-$20 cheaper than the finished ones and you have to coat the milled/raw aluminum slot for the fire control group anyway.
I spent $85 and had mine Cerakoted. Fun fact: Coaters / painters / FFLs cannot keep an un serialized lower overnight b/c without a serial number there is no way for them to log it on their books as required by law. I had to get on a coaters schedule in the morning & get it out the same day for them to do it.

2) Lower kits. They average $60-$100. Don’t skimp. I used a Lower Builders kit from F-1 Firearms for $80.

3) You can go cheap Mil-Spec and do a build really cheap, but I wanted better than Mil-spec. so this ran me a little more.

Posting to help. Let me know if anyone has any questions.
80 Finish Build.jpg
80 Finish Build.jpg (653.71 KiB) Viewed 231 times
80 Lower Pic 3.jpg
80 Lower Pic 3.jpg (150.29 KiB) Viewed 231 times
80 Lower Pic 1.jpg
80 Lower Pic 1.jpg (216.8 KiB) Viewed 231 times
Milled Lower 1.jpg
Milled Lower 1.jpg (414.89 KiB) Viewed 231 times
Milled Lower 2.jpg
Milled Lower 2.jpg (170.28 KiB) Viewed 231 times
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By TL1000RSquid
Did you buy a jig or were you able to do it without one? I've done a few p80 pistol kits but never done metal or AR. Labor and price kind of turned me off to doing an AR yeah be nice having totally 'off the books' ar but I've done enough transfers and tax stamps, im already on every .gov list.
By ncjw
Agreed. It looks like you did a great job, but how? Milling machine/router/drill press/hand drill?

I haven't tackled one yet because all I have is an old router. I know that the first one is more expensive if you get the jigs and such and quite frankly, as above, I have enough AR's for a while.

I have become very fond of P80's though.

But nothing beats my SFX with the Freedomsmith Master. Went shooting yesterday and nothing but smiles.
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By GaDawg0513
Hey guys. Wish I could take credit for the milling, it is nice! I'm friends with a guy that owns a trophy shop that has a CnC machine. He lets me play with it :-D
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