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I designed an adapter plate which will permit you to put a full size RMR onto a Canik TP9 SFX Mete.

The plate will be made out of aluminum and red anodized. My prototype in the photo is made out of ABS and functioned well with 100 rounds of testing.
I am hiring a contract manufacturer to build these for me. Pricing will be based on quantity of customers for the run.

1. Will I be able to use my sights?
You will need suppressor height sights to maintain use of irons.
2. Will this work for optic XYZ?
Holosun and other RMR formatted optics will also be compatible.
3. Why is the plate so tall?
The plate cannot be made shorter due to the need to add new threaded holes on top of the slide for the RMR mounting screws.
4. Why did you do this instead of just getting an SFX?
The design intent of this product is purely to accommodate METE owners who don't want to buy an RMRCC when they already have an RMR and like the METE features.
5. When can I have this?
I don't know yet, I need a minimum quantity of buyers to justify having these made and at that time I will also learn lead times
6. How much is this?
See FAQ #5
7. How can I pay for this?
When I get to that point I will accept PayPal and Venmo Goods and Services.
8. Who are you and why should I buy this from you?
I am an individual unranked USPSA competition shooter with training certifications from Massad Ayoob, Modern Samurai Project, John Farnam, others. I am an engineer at a company that manufactures
3D printers. You should buy this from me if that's good enough for you and you see the need.

Please simply reply here or PM me if you are interested in this adapter plate. Thank you all.


Edited to clarify contact method.
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Hi all, putting a few minds at ease here to the best of my ability and answering some questions. 1. I work for a 3D printer manufacturer, so I cannot sell or make available a 3d printed version or sell the STL file to avoid potential conflict of interest. My name is Nick Schmidt and here is my facebook profile, linkedin profile, instagram:

I am not a business, I'm an individual who designed this plate. I'd like to make a few bucks off of it, but am more interested in having enough demand to even have it made because I'm not a manufacturer and don't have equipment to make this piece.
I'm not currently accepting any money, so can't actually scam you. Price will be based on demand, and I'm approaching 20 interested people. I'd obviously provide pricing once I know how many I can purchase. It's common with contract manufacturing to have a wildly different price per piece based on how many you order.
My email address is tntsparkz@gmail.com
Helicoils are an option, but there will at least be provided screws, provided loctite and a torque spec.
@Ghostwolf308 , see FAQ 3 on main post. I am confident based on basic measurements that suppressor height sights will be visible and functional through the glass of the optic. I am not confident and highly doubt that an absolute cowitness would be possible.

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tntsparkz wrote: Mon Nov 29, 2021 12:39 pm @Janik I see you are a mod. May I ask you for permission to sell this once I have it priced and am actually capable of making it deliverable as a product, which I currently cannot do, and thus am not accepting any money?
Keep us posted on the progress. I know a lot of people, even many who are not on this forum, would like to install a full size red dot on their METE if it's possible. Question comes up quite a bit in our FB group with 31,000 members.
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