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Okay just picked up my combat today, and of course I had to stop at the range on the way home. The only problem is I forgot ammo, well I had a box of 147 grain golden sabers stashed in the trunk. So I ran both mags one time with the golden sabers, I had about a 30% failure to all the way in to battery. When I got home I noticed it was not very lubed, so I did that.

So now its lubed, when I get a chance to get back to the range I will put some more ammo thru it, I will use 124 grain and hope it helps. I did send a note to century to see if they will send me the weaker spring. I dont know thats the issue but it does not hurt to try.

I also ordered a number 2 plate from coventry so I can put my holosun 507 on it.

It shot very well, grouping around an inch at 7 yards, with called pulled shots making it bigger.

I also got and pulled out a spare sig 228 mag just to see if it fit, as I read 226 mags work. Well the 228 mag would lock in when the slide was back but I could not drop the slide, so a little tweeking of the mag catch slot it works fine. Only issue is the mags only hold 13, mecgar does make 15 rounders thou. But then I bought 3 factory 15 round mags, and plan on machining some plus 3's that will look similar to the stock ones ( will take me fore ever I suck at machining )

Thats all for now.
Well after a lube, a striker spring change to a ghost 6.5 ( iirc) the gun was/is 100%. I did message centry and they sent me a stronger recoil spring, but I dont need it.

Back to mags for a few mins. I took apart a taurus pt99 mecgar 18 round mag and the follower and spring are the exact same. I ordered some spare springs from mecgar, they said they are not the same but they came in and they are. I changed the follower from a pt99 mag and put it in to the p228 mag body with a new spring, it now holds 15 rounds and functions perfectly. I then put the p228 follower in the taurus mag and it lost 2 rounds of capacity ( so 16 rounds now ) but works just fine. The 228 mag does not say mecgar on it just p228.

I also machined a plus 3 base plate that is pretty close to the stock canik plus 3 for the combat. First try was a test just to get some ideas on how to do it, second try was closer and a test of the slotting to hold on the base plate. Third try is 100% functional and I changed the order of some operations, if I spray painted it black from 5 feet you would not know its not stock. I plan on making a few more, and it should take me about 1.5 hours per to make em and I am doing it on a manual mill with no dro. I am also changing it slightly to take the stock spring bottom tab, not the angled piece thats on the stock plus 3. IF I was any good any drawing them up in solid works or any cad I would, then have them made by a shop. On a cnc I would think they could be done in a few mins and only cost a few bucks each.

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