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Discussion Section for Ammunition, Reloading and Handloading.
Hello All,
New to Canik and getting back into shooting learning by mistake.
Ordered ammo with pistol and delivered by UPS just fine. Wanting to get all sorts of brands, casings, grains, etc I ordered more 9mm from another supplier delivery with FedEx.
Website updated delivery was an hr before I got home with wife home always and gate open waiting for them.
Looked HARD with no luck finding the ammo pkg. Went back later with flashlight and again next morning.
Website stated driver ' left at gated drive' as if they couln't get in. WRONG!
I'm reading articles of this sort of thing is becoming common.

Should I have CC company charge them back and let them hash it out or wait for what I feel like will become a hassle?
The seller is responsible for hashing it out with FedEx. Have you contacted them to report that it was never delivered?

(FedEx hasn't impressed me lately either.)
if at all possible call customer service at your supplier, and ask that they flag ALL your purchases with a "home owner (or customer) signature required".

or if possible can you choose another carrier other than FedEx..???

what i do is track all my deliveries (i am retired, i got the time) and when i "see" on the tracking that the driver is like 3 to 4 stops away..??

i go outside and wait for him/her.

if he left it where he said he did, then you could be a victim of a porch pirate, and if so, now they know what you have in your house, garage, etc.

i'd also stop the credit card payment.

i'd also contact the police and report this as a possible stolen item. show the cops what you got saying he dropped off the package.....
I had an ammo shipment wind up in Kernersville, NC, which is some sort of FedEx blackhole. The ammo supplier started a trace with FedEx; FedEx said there were no further scans after Kernersville (no kidding); then after a few weeks of back and forth, the ammo supplier tried to wash their hands by saying it was up to me to deal with FedEx and make a claim. I called the CC company and disputed the charge due to non delivery. I got my money back almost immediately. Your situation is a bit different, but non delivery is non delivery unless they took a picture of the package on your doorstep with you standing next to it!
I live on a Hwy at 55+ MPH with a home 350' back. Not likely porch pirates. Likely Driver pirate. He came from the neighboring city to deliver. Not local like my UPS. My original seller ONLY uses UPS and USPS. Now I know.

I have this just in from the supplier. (hassle coming)
We noticed that the tracking shows the order was delivered on ……………. We will need to place a trace on the package, in the meantime you would have to file a claim with FEDEX. We do not provide reships or refunds as outlined in the Assumption of Shipping Liability section on our website. Please see the following:

Once your product is received by the shipping carrier, you will automatically assume all responsibility for its safe transit to your delivery address and thereafter. You also agree to hereby explicitly release from all liability and responsibility thereafter.
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that's ok, you gave me at least one more place to shop for discounted ammo.....thanks...... :-BD

go to the "little gear" at the top right corner, and click it, and edit will show up.
Ha ha I buy from them all the time! Dispute the charge with your CC company - their BS lawyer disclaimer won't hold up. Lately they have free shipping and insurance over $200 - was your shipment over $200? They don't want the CC company pissed with them, believe me.
The HASSLE is on!
The Shipper 'gave' me the written permission to file a claim with FedEx. Thanks... They take NO responsibility. Maybe stop using FedEx? I read this being a problem.
FedEx researched my claim and find their tracking shows 'delivered' and accept no responsibility. How about let me talk to the driver?
"I had an ammo shipment wind up in Kernersville, NC, which is some sort of FedEx blackhole."

Just to confirm, I have also had (non-ammo) packages spend 3-4 days at Fedex Kernersville for no reason.
YOU are NOT going to Believe what happened!
I ordered replacment ammo to cover this lost order and was tracking from UPS through the morning/ early afternoon yesterday. I wanted to catch the driver and ask if he knew anyone from FedEx that had our route. My delivered email notice hit so I walked up to the hwy and the UPS truck was passing by and stopped. We talked about the FedEx problem and he sorta knew the guy seeing him on the same route. He can get me a name.
He looks over my should and asked 'hey, what's that on the ground next to your mailbox?'. It was a freshly dropped delivery box. I had him open the box with his pocket knife and it was my FedEx ammo!! 2 weeks AFTER the driver posted their system that he had 'delivered it'.
What do YOU think happened?
Did the label look like it had been reprinted? Did it look like the package had been opened and resealed?

It happens at times where the shipping label is damaged and the package goes to the wrong destination. Or, there could have been an internal search and the package was located as it was incorrectly delivered to the wrong address. Weird things happen.

I recently ordered a new frame and extended mag release for my Arex Delta. DHL sent a delivery notification and even a picture of the package on the front steps. Problem is they weren't my steps. Luckily for me, the homeowner that lives a half mile away (pretty far is suburbia) contacted me and I picked up the package. I will say that DHL was also pretty quick to respond as they identified the error and said they would go by the house but I had already been contacted and picked up the package.
So I decided to try Ammoshoponline and ordered a case of 124gr Norma. Supposed to be here today. Shipped from Pooler, GA (original scan) then went a few miles to Savannah then I got an email saying that it was back in Pooler and will maybe get here Sunday. FedEx.

We shall see.

Another anecdote, I once ordered a case of 223 from Palmetto and it arrived via UPS and someone had obviously cut it open and stole about 10 boxes. PSA replaced them without issue.

Postscript: After saying that there was a delay and the ammo would arrive Sun, it ended up arriving today (Sat). So despite some confusion, only one day behind the original Fri date.

The rationale for trying them was that they were selling Norma 124gr "white box" for $340/case with free shipping. So Mon order to Sat delivery from Savannah to the Raleigh area is perfectly reasonable. It also made sense that they were in Savannah, the largest port on the east coast, and specialized in Euro ammo, so they may be getting them right off of the boat and skipping a middleman or two.

Having never heard of Norma white box I compared them to a red box. The red box has a copper colored plated bullet and a different font on the headstamp. The white box has more of a brass colored plated bullet (like S&B) but the headstamp still says Norma. I am assuming they are good to go and will let you know only if they don't go bang.
Speaking of Norma, at least the 9mm cases I pick up that are head stamped NORMA are not reloadable. Flash hole is too small for a decapping pin to get thru. Just FYI if you plan to reuse brass.

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