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By colonel00
Just thought I'd make a short post to let people know about this gem of a gun. It's basically a Glock 19/17 clone depending on the size you get but a bit narrower. Aside from coming standard with a slide milled for an optic and being fully ambi, the trigger pack is serialized like the Sig P320 so you can swap frames. I bought the L version which is basically a Glock 17 (gray frame) but I also picked up the M frame (green) and currently have everything swapped over for this setup. Basically a G17 slide on a G19 frame or I guess a SF slide on an Elite frame. Only real downside is the trigger is nowhere near what a Canik is but with a bit of polishing and spring swaps I'm quite happy with it.

Edit: Forgot that when I took this photo I was still waiting on the smaller mag that goes with the smaller M frame. But, even the larger mags do work, much like Caniks.

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By TL1000RSquid
Very nice, I'd been kinda interested in them before but at the moment I think I'm done buying polymer frame guns for awhile, with my various 80% glock builds I feel like I have everything I need.. well I still wanna check the .45 CZ P10 off my list but then I'm done for awhile I swear.
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By colonel00
Caanuride wrote: Thu Dec 23, 2021 6:48 pm What springs did you swap out and where did you get them? I really like this gun, but could like it much more if the trigger pull was a little lighter.
Here's what I got:

From Wolff Springs
33226 1 SAFETY BLOCK PLUNGER SPRING RP for GLOCKS Pak of 3 7.49 7.49
30290 1 STRIKER SPRING PAK RP for GLOCKS 9.00 9.00

From Powder River Precision
Product Quantity Price
PRP® Striker Safety Spring for XD®, XD Mod.2®, XDM®007 1 $2.99
PRP® Reduced Power Sear Spring for XD®, XD Mod.2®, XDM® & XDM® Elite 1 $5.99

I'm not sure which striker spring I'm using now. You'll want to experiment a little anyway to find what you like. I'll see if I can figure it out. For the sear spring, you are going to need to make a slight modification to it by bending the end a to a 90 degree angle if I recall to match the sear spring in the Arex. Also, I think I'm using the striker plunger spring from PRR but not sure it matters really.

While you have it torn down, you might as well polish everything you can in there. It definitely helps.

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