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By SFXowner
So I already own an SFX and Elite SC, usually carry a G19 or 43x but wanted to fill in with something G17 sized so I picked up an SFT.

It didn't need it but I dropped a Freedomsmith Vanguard trigger in and took it out for a spin yesterday. The Freedomsmith removes all that take up out and you are sitting at the crisp wall. 200 rounds through it yesterday with generic 115, 124 and a couple mags of Federal HST JHP with zero malfunctions.

Compared to the break in of the SFX where I was having FTF or slide not locking back in the first couple hundred rounds this thing ate whatever I gave it.

Have a Holo 407k on there but the stock sights at close range were just dialed in.

Probably going to be my winter carry gun now and looking forward to using it in a couple upcoming classes.

Really fantastic pistol right out of the box, compared to the upgrades needed for my Glocks the value here is excellent.
By ncjw
Yep, I surprised myself when my (old model) SFT replaced my 1911 as my nightstand gun, but the darn things just run.

I am waiting to see if a tungsten SFX Mete comes out, but I'm not sure how long I am going to hold out. My current SFX will get traded in for it when I do upgrade, I don't see a need for two SFX's.

However, I am not sure that I would need a SFT Mete. Just not enough of a difference for an irons only nightstand gun. Granted, if I didn't already have the SFT, the SFT Mete would be a no-brainer if I wanted that sized pistol.
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