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By ForgotToWipe
Greetings, my 2A brethren!! Hope all is well! I just wanted to throw a major super-sized shout out to those that took the time to learn me! 🤘👊✌️🖖🖐. However, I do have oooooooonnnnnne more tiny itsee bitsee question for those with the left over brain cells. Ok so, I think it’s safe to say that it’s no secret that I’m a glowing green noob right? Ok cool, with that out of the way… goes. I don’t own many firearms. I own Like 3. BUUUUT, I’ve been noticing industry “trends” regarding typical pistol builds. The fn509 series doesn’t use a trigger return spring. Other then completely replacing the entire assembly, is there a way to “tune” the trigger?
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By colonel00
I don't own a 509 but I've heard stories about their triggers being not that great. From my limited knowledge, I believe an Apex trigger was the best option that was usually recommended. Unfortunately that's another $150 on an already pricey gun. This is one of the reasons I have yet to pick one up.
By ForgotToWipe
Very true you are. I was just curious about the possibility of “tuning” that trigger. Given the fact the trigger bars connect to the fcu directly. I’m guessing other then a polish trigger job, I’m not totally sure there’s much you can do, parts swapping that is. Apparently many ppl including myself, have found multiple spots contributing to “grit”. The main one being the striker being pushed up into the ceiling of the striker housing as you pull the trigger. There’s a small outfit that makes a kick-a** striker to alleviate this issue.
By nerd
I don't know, you would think there would be options available for the gun. There are two firearms out of a sample size of many that have the worst triggers I have ever seen. They are the Taurus PT-111, and any handgun FN makes. I don't know why but they are just craptastic. Even though FN makes technically a great pistol, I couldn't stomach spending 6 to $800 on an FN, and then struggling to fix the trigger issues, the crappy FN triggers is what pushed me into the Canik guns to begin with.
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