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New Members, take a moment and introduce yourself. Tell us a little about you and your interest in the Canik brand of firearms.
By LarrySFX
Hello everyone!

I'm new to the forum, and relatively new to guns in general. I just bought my first pistol (Sig P229) around Sept of 2020 and I'm now 56! I wasn't raised around hunting and/or firearms, so never even gave it a thought until all the craziness of 2020 happened. Like anything else, once I got involved, I dove in head-first, and now my wallet is lighter because of it!

I bought my wife a Kimber 1911 Government that we take to the range and I /we love it. I wanted another full-sized pistol because they are much more fun to shoot IMO, so I stumbled upon my Canik SFX purely by luck. I was impressed by what you get right out the box (RDS mounting plates, holster, cleaning rod, FO sights, 20 round mags, etc) and for the price (just over $500 in my case) I thought it was an incredible deal!

I'll admit my first outing with my new Canik wasn't all that great. Compared to my wife's 1911, I couldn't hit a barn (from the inside) with my Canik. FYI, I was shooting at an 8" steel target at 10 yds. Yes, I'm noob, but I can read, and realize my inaccuracy was likely all about the trigger pull...i.e. "me" not the gun itself.

I will say, I was not a fan of the Canik trigger, again comparing it to the 1911. The take-up was way too much IMO, which didn't help. I did some searching and stumbled on the Freedomsmith trigger upgrade, which I'm hoping will help solve (part) of my issue. FYI, this will not be used for EDC, just target practice.

I stumbled upon this site via Brandon Rader's video on YouTube showing the Freedomsmith trigger install. Yes, I can field-strip all my pistols to clean and oil them, but I'm trying to decide if I'm competent enough to attempt the trigger install myself. I'm pretty new to firearms and don't want to f-up my brand new gun!
It might be a bit soon to switch out the trigger. You are new enough that you might want to spend more time learning how a striker fired trigger works. By that I mean learning to shoot it well instead of changing it. Just wait until you try double action mode in a revolver. At first you might think that nobody could be accurate with it.

Best advise if to just keep learning.
Welcome! Honestly, it's not fair comparing really any striker fired trigger with a nice 1911. However, Caniks are renowned for having one of the best triggers straight from the factory. Before you just too far into mods, take some time to work with it the way it is. Yeah, there is some take up with the stock trigger but it should come to rest on a very defined "wall". From there, it should be a nice, crisp trigger break. Do a lot of dry firing at home working on the trigger pull and make sure your sights aren't jumping. If you put a red dot on, it's even easier to see if you are pulling off target with the trigger pull.

One simple mod you can do is to get reduced power springs from Galloway Precision or other companies that will help with the trigger pull a little before you jump in all the way with a FS trigger.
Welcome aboard the forum.

As stated before, it's unfair to compare a 1911 to a striker-fired pistol. But with that being said, an SFx with a Freedomsmith trigger is is about as good as a striker-fired pistol gets without doing into the really expensive firearms.
Another piece of advice is to look at 22 pistols for training/learning. There is not substitution for lots and lots of live trigger pulls. Even if you could afford to do that with 9mm, you will find yourself getting fatigued quicker with 9mm compared to 22lr.

I am no pro, but my years of having just a Ruger Mark I where very important to the trigger skill I have today.
By ncjw
I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but you can't compare a Kimber 1911 (which I have) to any striker fired pistol....

Of all the striker fired pistols, Canik has the best out of the box. To make it better, read Weapon's famous post: topic1888.html

With some Flitz, a few Dremel polishing tips and a half hour, you will have significantly improved your Canik's trigger. With some cheap springs, even more so.

All the wisdom that you need is here in the forum, you just have to do some research. This is part of the fun of a new hobby. (BTW, if you want to do the same for a 1911, there are about as many forums on 1911's as there are posts here, so a vast trove of info - much of it very repetitive. But be careful, 1911's are nowhere near as easy to work on as Canik's.)

After that, if you REALLY want a great trigger, get the Freedomsmith, they don't come any better. I had the Fat Daddy and then upgraded again to the Master. "From my cold dead hands" almost communicates my feelings about this combination... (That is, until a FS Mete Master and SFX Tungsten Mete get here.)
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