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Hi, I am new to this forum and recently certified restricted carrier in Canada.

I have been doing a fair amount of research trying to determine what should be my first pistol.

I am admittedly a bit overwhelmed by the choices available but have been drawn to Canik due to the price on return ratio as well as reliability.

I have some training but haven't picked up a pistol in over 10 years now and was shooting a S&W 9 mil previously.

I want a good shooter for home defense as we as something relatively fun to shoot at the range.

I have watched a lot of reviews on the TP9SFX and it looks like a gun that I wouldn't likely not outgrow for some time.
My concerns are what appears to be heavy recoil and the fact that starting with a competition pistol at a range may draw some unwanted attention as I have been out of it for some time and no doubt my accuracy will have been lost..

Is there a better Canik model that would fit the bill in terms of what I am looking for (good for hd and rng and non tiring in terms of recoil) or ios the SFX a good all rounder?
The apparent recoli from what I have watched in a concern.

Thanks for any opinions /experience can share!

I think the SFX would be one of the best of the Canik line for recoil. That is a key part of a competition gun, it allows quicker followup shots.

I find the recoil to be very "soft". And you should get the gun that you will grow into. Ignore anybody watching you learn.
Thank you very much! I appreciate real feedback from am actual owner. What your saying makes total sense regarding kickback and target acquisition however in a number of videos it looks significant so your thoughts very much appreciated and rassuring.

I cant see myself outgrowing it for some time , if ever

Thank you wombatz
There are also aftermarket weight and spring kits available for the SFx, but I've never found the recoil to be of much concern right out of the box. Best advice I can give is try before you buy, if you can. I went through a lot of guns, some with Germanic names, before I connected with a Canik SF Elite (that I thought my wife might like). She connected with the M&P 2.0, and has three, and I now have three Caniks (hey, fair's fair). Check out Frank the Tank's website if you want to see a video of a SFx in action!
The Canik's have one of the best recoil management designs out there.

I don't know what the availability is in CA, but if the SFX Mete is out or out shortly, I would definitely get that instead of the older first gen SFX.
Recoil should be no concern as it is a non issue with this and all full size Canik pistols. This will serve you well for home defense and a blast to shoot at the range, especially if you put a red dot on it.
TP9SFx, either first gen or 2nd gen (METE) should be a GREAT pistol for you, first or otherwise.. I'd say get one and shoot the heck out of it. It'll do whatever you need it to do, I'm sure. And, you may surprise yourself with the accuracy! Some skills don't go away quite as fast, and the trigger is very good out of the box, and can be made even better. Have fun!! Welcome to the forum.
Good call!!

The SFx is a great choice for a range toy, and will make a great HD piece as well.

Recoil is easy with this pistol, not sure where you are seeing otherwise. Easy to shoot all day long, as long as you can afford to feed it. It handles very well, and the ergonomics fit me perfectly.

Buy a Maglula... Much easier to load mags that way...
I own 5 Canik's, and my SFx is my "Go To" pistol. In fact it is my "Go To" in all my pistols regardless of brand.
You cant go wrong with the Canik SFX, you will find recoil management more manageable than a smaller gun.
You won't outgrow it or ever want to part with it.
If you decide to carry concealed you might want to add a Elite SC as I did.
They are both great guns.
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