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For those of us who are getting a bit older and dealing with eye sight issues, are you still running irons or did you switch to red dots? I have a mix of guns, some with irons and some with red dots. Surprisingly, even with needing to use reading glasses to see close up, I'm still proficient with irons. The sights are a bit fuzzy, but I've always focused on the target so my irons were never really in sharp focus. Question though, who else still trains with iron sights even though your eyesight isn't what it used to be? I still prefer irons for conceal carry, but I know my accuracy is a bit better with red dots. Not that I can't put rounds on target with irons, but my groups are definitely tighter with red dots. Anyway, has anyone converted completely to red dots, or are you still running irons and accepting the fact that your eyesight ain't what it used to be? Or, like me, are you still training with both?
I just turned 68, and had cataract surgery on both eyes 2 years ago. I had the "distant" lenses installed so I usually need reading glasses for close up. I learned to shoot pistol with iron sights, and most of my handguns still wear irons. I do have a dot (SwampFox Justice) on my TP9SFx's for USPSA Carry Optics. For other classes I have to use the iron sights, of course. So, with that being said, I'd suggest you train with both. If you really start having trouble with the irons, there's nothing wrong with the dots for even carry purposes. By the way, I was taught (trained?) to focus on the front sight with a handgun for best accuracy. It was a little awkward for me starting out with a red dot as I tended to focus on the dot! Didn't take long to break that habit. YMMV. Good shooting to you, sir. Ben
Have not made the switch yet at 59, but I know for sure, my next EDC purchase will be red dot ready. Shooting beyond 40ft is starting to get challenging, so I know I am getting closer to "needing" the dot for distances past the average gun fight.
I guess we should consider ourselves lucky these days to know there is an great alternative available.

Neil 8-)
I put a Romeo Zero on my TP9 Elite SC, and gave it a try for a while. I learned to get proficient with it, but it limited my holster choices. I have Sumertuck, Lockleather, and the factory kydex, and like to change it up a bit.
I am back to the irons and contented at this point.
At 69 years of age, I have had cataracts done in both eyes, glaucoma, and advancing macular degeneration.
I will stick with irons as long as they continue to work for me.
I am satisfied that I can hit center mass at self defense distance.
I practice with both, but hands down, an optic is the way to go especially in a self-defense situation. With an optic, you can focus on your target (instead of the front sight) and using your peripheral vision with either your left or right eye, just put that optic circle (I use a Holosun 507k green) on the target and pull the trigger. Easy-peasy.
Old fart here as well. Starting to get cataracts but no problem yet.

I can definitely shoot faster with a Venom red dot (but of course, it is on my beloved SFX with a FS Master trigger, which may have something to do with it). And more accurately as well.

The SC with a Romeo Zero is not quite as good due to the stock trigger, but perfectly fine. The shake and wake makes up for a lot.

The SF with the Fision also works great.

The P80 Glocks - I know that this is not considered hip - I like the square U outline on the rear and dot on the front, very easy to pick up and line up. With a lot of polish and tuning, the stock triggers are OK, so the speed and accuracy is certainly fine for irons (at 7-10 yd self defense distances).

So in THEORY, I should be good to go with either dots or irons if ever needed. I've seen the trained police hits on target data. Who the hell knows what will really happen if it ever actually occurs.
Only need glasses for reading & just started wearing them full time b/c I got tired of sitting on them or loosing them. When I use optics I usually don't wear my glasses. I always enjoy zeroing & practicing with Irons, takes me back to the Army pop range & the 300 meter sliver to hit that the front site post was larger than the target. Can't always rely on batteries or the sun when the enemy comes.
75 and blessed with cataracts. Tried the red dot Burris that was on my SFX when I got it in a trade. Tried the RD but with it, even from a rest position, my rounds are all over the paper at 25 yards. put the iron sight plate on and I shoot better with it even though I see two front sights superimposed. Having cataract surgery in the near future so hopefully my sight problem will go away.
I need correction for both far and near (i.e. bifocals). When I realized I couldn't see my iron sights worth a crap anymore, I commissioned a new EDC to be built by my gunsmith specifically for an optic. While waiting on that, I bought my Canik just to have something to put an optic on to practice with in the meantime. I never shot anything with an optic before.

THEN I went to the eye doctor for a checkup and discovered Multi Focal contact lenses. They are awesome! I got MF contacts and now I basically have 20/20 vision up close and far away. I am back to shooting with iron sights just as well as I ever did. And also really enjoying my Canik with an optic on it (and still waiting on my custom built EDC to be finished).

If you have cataracts and are getting lens replacement surgery, you can get multi focal replacement lenses for that, too.
75 and I have been shooting Red Dots a lot the last year or two. My eyes have never been great, wearing glasses since I was 10 and eyes have not gotten any better.
I am due for an eye exam and I think it may be time to have my cataracts worked on two.
I still shoot iron sights, on my 1911's, some revolvers and at some matches that don't allow optics.
I use a stick on bifocal on my dominant eye to clear up the sights but not so strong it makes the target hard to see.

My SFX and a Glock G45 I shoot at matches have Red Dots and my scores picked way back up once I got used to them.

I just sent my everyday carry gun Sig 365 off to be milled for a dot. If I am in a building and need to make a head shot on a bad guy in body armor I need the dot to make a sure shot.

Old Age is not for sissies!
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