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]First time Fanik owner here inquiring about my tp9/e/SC 's trigger pull. Not sure if it'sa normal Zanick type thing but you pull the take up, hit the wall, followed by a 1/8th to 1/16th inch of a bit of gritty resistance, then it's like you hit another much softer wall with a nice break. So in summary it’s a nice clean take up, nice wall, then short spongy bumpy wall, pull a liiiitle bit more and break. I made a vid but can’t upload it
My guess is what you are feeling is striker safety plunger. As the trigger bar moves rearward it depresses the striker safety which allows the striker to protrude beyond the breech face.

For solutions you can start simply by dry firing and just shooting it a bunch. You can also replace that spring with a lighter spring and polish up the plunger and the hole to make it smoother.
My 509 also had grit where the safety plunger is and well….and just about everywhere else internally as well. I took some of that stupid fine sand paper and worked some imperfections out mainly the sear, sear carrier, striker block, striker main spring and striker as well. I also think some grit could be caused by the carrier pins possibly rubbing the frame internally . It’s no Vanik trigger but it’s worlds better from wher it used to be. Think glock trigger pulling in at 9lbs. Btw, was your pistols trigger portraying the same characteristics as mine? Is it a normal Danik trigger thing? Do you happen to know of anyone that sells a heavier trigger spring by any chance? I like my triggers duty style and very heavy
IIRC, if you put a heavier spring on the top spring in the pistol you actually lighten the trigger pull. It's been a while since I tinkered with mine, it's been running just the way I like it for quite a while now.

Check weapon's thread to be sure.
Great thank you! That Mr Weapon guy sure knows firearms!! Wow! I found a portion where Mr.Weapon states the following
“ Trigger De-tuning:
If you have concerns about how light the trigger is on your Canik pistol, you can replace the trigger return spring with one from a Glock and it will increase the trigger pull up to around 5lbs. It will change the feel of the trigger considerably and has a feel somewhat like a DAO trigger pull.”
That’s exactly what I’m looking for but my question is which trigger return spring is MR.Weapon referring to exactly?
Not sure, but I *think* that there is one that is most common:

It has some exceptions listed but otherwise it notes that it fits gen 1 thru 4, so I suspect that is the one you want. Don't know the shipping but it is just $3.

Glad there was an answer that fit what you wanted. It really does sound like a good option. Eventually you might want to swap back and that is a quick switch.
Hey, thanks for the link, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out. Sorry for the additional questions but is that spring you recommended the only part needed for my application? I wouldn’t need anything else? Also, is this Glock spring a direct drop in replacement in the Canik tp9 e/sc?

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