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Discussion Section for Ammunition, Reloading and Handloading.
I normally run Bayou Bullets RN 145gr over 3.4gr of Sport Pistol. I pickup a bunch of Bayou Bullets 147gr FP and used the same recipy.

I tried alternating them in a mag on day just for the fun of it; I couldn't tell the difference. All load and fire just fine. I load the FP now a little hotter and longer as a PCC load.

My two takeaways were, 1) FP cut better looking holes in paper and you can see them better, and 2) they work great in a bowling pin match.
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By keltex78
I've started loading 9mm using the Xtreme 124 plated flat-point. I haven't gotten to shoot very many of them yet, but what I've shot so far has fed perfectly in everything, including my SFx, and my SC.
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