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Discussion Section for Ammunition, Reloading and Handloading.
I normally run Bayou Bullets RN 145gr over 3.4gr of Sport Pistol. I pickup a bunch of Bayou Bullets 147gr FP and used the same recipy.

I tried alternating them in a mag on day just for the fun of it; I couldn't tell the difference. All load and fire just fine. I load the FP now a little hotter and longer as a PCC load.

My two takeaways were, 1) FP cut better looking holes in paper and you can see them better, and 2) they work great in a bowling pin match.
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By keltex78
I've started loading 9mm using the Xtreme 124 plated flat-point. I haven't gotten to shoot very many of them yet, but what I've shot so far has fed perfectly in everything, including my SFx, and my SC.
By FiveDigit
I’ve shot roughly 10,000 Blue Bullets 147gr flat points in my SFX. Never had a feeding problem. I will note that with my OAL, they are a little harder load load with a maglula as they drag a bit on the maglula feed ramp.
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By wombatz
I have not "slugged" any of my barrels but it seems the common rule is .356 for lead (including the coated variety) and .355 for jacketed. I just ordered 1000 ibejihead 130 RN at .356 so I can report how that works once I start testing.

I did check my remaining PowerBond plated bullets and was surprised that they are also at .356 as I had assumed they would be .355
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By wombatz
I can report that the Ibejihead 130gr RNBB at .356 were great.

Loading was about the same as plated. You need to bell the case enough to avoid shaving off any coating. I had already learned that when going from jacketed to plated.

.30cc / 3.5grain of Titegroup was my starting load and it did eject fine from the SFX with the original recoil spring. I got 1125 to 1128 fps for 3 rounds tested.

.32cc / 3.8grain of Titegroup gave me 1151 to 1199 fps for 7 rounds tested.

.34cc / 4.0grain of Titegroup gave me 1224 & 1249 for 2 rounds tested. I did not see any pressure signs here but I see no reason to go this high based on speed and performance of the other two loads.

P.S. The above is just a report on my experience. Always work up your own loads starting from the lower end of published recommendations.

P.P.S. I *know* that I am reporting on round nose here, but am butting in based on the .355 vs .356 question.
By RetiredLE
I shot some Everglade 147 gr. plated flat nose hand loads in my SFX yesterday and they fed fine. Best load was 4.4 grains of Longshot yielding 974 fps.
By anjlinastone
yeah, the flat nose makes it easier to see exactly where your bullet penetrated a paper target, which makes for much easier scoring, as the hole is cleaner with less radial tearing.
By djjl211
Before I found Federal 150gr SYNTEC I shot 147gr Federal flat nosed in bullseye matches. Never had an issue with feeding or anything else in my TP9sfx. Still have some in reserve for when the SYNETEC is not available or I run out.

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