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Discussion for Competition Shooting.
I have done some research and I think my original plan was a little unrealistic. 3 gun will be more of a 3-year goal I think jumping into it to fast is a bad idea.

I will definitely be shooting pistol competitions will get good at that then add rifle then add shotgun.

I just think I need to be patient I'm also thinking about not getting the red dot unless it's a good deal that way when go to 3 gun I'm not in the open class and i would of been training
with Iron sights the hole time.

And I'm just building my setup around my canik I'm already planning my AR
build a little quiz what do you get when you combine areo precision Wilson combat and odin works

And once again thank you for all the help you have pointed out all the things that I didn't think of you all helped a lot.

Thank you and God bless the USA

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