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By Mike240
Let me start by saying that I have carried guns for a living since 1985. Some by choice from a list. Some due to mandate. I have been a 1911 guy since 1979 at 15 years old. I have shot and HAD to carry striker fired guns in the past. I hated the Glock.

I shoot about 1500-2000 rounds of handgun per month and have for years. On an impulse I bought two Canik Metes recently and it is the best striker gun I have ever shot. Well after eliminating the flat on the fps block that created a false wall in the press.

BUT the m1913 slots are off. Surefire x300, TLRs and Olight valkeryies are forced to lock forward of where the light has solid stability on the frame. This creates movement and adds to the reach needed for the lights activation.
Interesting to hear this as I thought some of the noted improvements addressed just this issue?
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