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Preferred front dot night sight color

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I'm going to be adding Night Fision night sights to our online store, and I'm curious what is the most popular color. There's a variety of front post color options, including orange, red, blue, white, etc. I've got a couple sets of orange, but seem to be gravitating back to white since my eyesight isn't what it used to be. I'm taking a poll to find out what is the most popular color people prefer for night sights.
Most of my night sights are factory or Truglo and they are white, one set of Trijicons that are yellow and my most recent set of Truglos are orange. They really don't seem to make a difference for me and I can pick them up all the same. I have a hard time with some small three dot factory sights though. I cant imagine picking up blue as well though for me. I don't think you can go wrong with white, good luck.
I use Night Fision on a bunch of my handguns. I like both the yellow and the orange. I like to have the contrast; it draws my eye quicker to that front sight. I tried one in the blue and was pretty disappointed. That is the only color I will not buy again.
I lean toward the orange.
Actually been looking at Meprolight fixed sights on their website. Anyone used these or familiar with them? I had never heard of them until about a week ago.
Heard their rep on a national podcast thats gun oriented. Rep said Meprolight had been verified by "independent testing company" to have brightest tritium on the market today...??
And...they list TP9 series Canik specific sights!
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