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I blame Weapon! I mean, Caniks are already great out of the box and he along with others came up with great ways to make the guns even better. Sadly, there just isn't much to talk about regarding modifications or improvements really.
Just a note guys. To get right to the last post you can click the + next to the thread. It will show you who posted last and have a button to take you there
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I'm new to this forum but not new to online discussion boards. I've had an online presence since the late 90's. Your formal is fine, very easy to navigate. I hang out on the AR15 forum and that is way too cluttered so I stick with just a few sub-forums. Perhaps a picture thread would attract attention? It would for me if we don't already have one.
Ghostwolf308 wrote: Sat Sep 18, 2021 11:27 pm Just a note guys. To get right to the last post you can click the + next to the thread. It will show you who posted last and have a button to take you there
Thanks, that works great.

Also, thanks for the stickies.

Stickie suggestion: How to post a freakin' image. I have done it before, but not often enough to remember how each time. I know that I am not the only old/stubborn/lazy/slow/all-of-the-above one here with the problem.
FrankW wrote: Sun Sep 05, 2021 12:12 pm I have to disagree with Higgy a bit. The new format was a pain for a while but I doubt anyone is staying away because of it, except maybe Higgy.

I think the problem is the availability and price of ammo, guns, and reloading components. People are not shooting near as much as they use to and if you aren't shooting, I think you loose interest. There has been some new guns released by Canik but availability has been a problem. So we don't have as many new people joining the forum. This is a niche forum. We don't have hunting, reloading and other guns to hold interest. The reloading problem is primarily due to the lack of primers and other components. I don't think the reloading interest will improve until we can buy primers again at a reasonable rate.

So I don't think there is an easy forum fix that is going to solve the problem. When the forum was real busy ammo was cheap and available. A lot of new Canik shooters were modifying their Caniks to shoot at the range or competition. I would like to shoot moderate competition but just can't afford the ammo at present prices. I would start reloading again but need to buy a new press and equipment. Not worth the money if I can't buy primers. I think the forum having such a narrow interest hurts participation. Changing format is not going to resolve the present situation.

I think the reason the forum was so popular for a while was due to the how-to threads from Weapon and others. Everyone who owned a Canik was really interested in these threads. Most long time members have that information now and don't need to post for help.

I’m new to this forum because , well, I’m new to Fanik as I just bought one yesterday but, I am on several others. Some too stupid busy with ego crashing and whiners and some with light to moderate flow. I agree totally with Frank. I bought 3 pistols since March and haven’t spent 1 casing due to …cost to damn much money to shoot!!!! I haven’t shot a single round since training myself for live fire qualify for my CCW and that was last July….that’s July 2020. I have right at 500 rounds left and I will not go below that. So, ima be patient because that’s all I can do. But think about it. 3 different break in period questions, aftermarket parts/install questions, potential failure questions, ammo questions perhaps and the occasional what would you do if you were in my shoes questions x3. That’s alotta questions set by the way side
A long time ago in a land far away...the same question was asked when I was in the Navy at a time when the Officer's Club was dying. Back during the big war the "O-club" was the place to be for any young man. I heard stories where they would often share one set of dress uniforms so everyone could make the scene. Alas, when I made the scene, it was a place for retired Admirals and their withered wives to eat dinner and try to remember the old times. It was a sad place, past it's glory. One time they had a comment card that said something like "what can the O-club do to serve you better?" Being the consummate smart-ass, I responded "whatever you got to do, for Chrissake get some women in here!!!" I'm not sure if they actually listened to me, but soon they brought in strippers on Thursday afternoons! Not actually what I had in mind, but it was a lot of fun none the less. Not sure this story helps with the issue at hand, but this forum feels like family and I've never been on Facistbook or any of the other BS apps. Happily married now, not looking for any more women lol!
Well, there is a story about Higgy Baby hanging out in the women's rest room at WalMart...maybe we get him a pole and some strobe lights...

Sorry Hig - can't let that one go...
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