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Discussion Section for Ammunition, Reloading and Handloading.
By tcoz
First post so please bear with me. I’m getting ready to buy my first Canik, likely the Elite Combat. I read one review (not on a forum) where the person said that his doesn’t like reloads. I’m assuming it’s something about HIS reloads that it doesn’t like but thought I’d put the question out there anyway. Does anybody have any particular issues that they haven’t been able to resolve with their gun not liking reloads? I’ve been reloading pistol and rifle for almost twenty years and I personally have never run into any unsolvable problems with a number of different guns including a few builds.
Thanks in advance for your responses.
For my SFx I shoot 100% reloads. Works like a champ.

145gr Bayou bullets
3.4gr Sport Pistol Powder
whatever primers I can fine (rifer and/or pistol)
mixed once (or many times) fired range brass
OAL 1.135"
Thank you for confirming my thoughts. I load 124’s over Clean Shot and like you, I use both rifle and pistol primers. They run great in three other 9mm pistols and a 9mm PCC.
My TP9SFx has never seen a factory round. I shoot USPSA Minor so 3.2 grains of Sport Pistol under 147 grain coated bullets. I did do some spring work before the first shot, and it's been running perfect. I do use a Lee FCD in the last station of my Load-Master; switching over to a Dillon SDB and it's also working just fine.
I've not had any issues, in either SFx or SC. I've been reloading light plinking rounds from used brass with a minimum load of Titegroup and 124gr. Xtreme plated flat-point.

No problems with cycling from either pistol. I don't have a chronograph to confirm velocity, but accuracy is acceptable for short range paper-punching.
I just took out my new TP9SFX for it's maiden run. I usually run some factory rounds on a new gun to check the functions. I haven't bought any factory ammo since before covid, so I went straight to my reloads. 125gr coated Brazos over CFE Pistol funtion fine in my 2 Rugers and 3 Sigs. I should have done the plunk test in the Canik barrel, the loads are a little long. Some required a tap with the palm of my left hand on the back of the slide. Other than that the reloads shot fine. The gun is great - trigger as advetized. Next trip's loads are seated a little deeper.
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I don't shoot factory ammo period! All I shoot is ammo that I load myself. I load 9mm rounds with my Caniks in mind, in that my 9mm rounds tend to be hotter than of the shelf factory ammo. Caniks are designed to shoot NATO rounds that tend to be hotter than the average 115gr factory ammo. My go to range round is a 124gr RN bullet and 4.2gr of TightGroup.
I run a TP9SA and after putting a few boxes or German MANN 124 gr. NATO ball through it, I've run nothing but cast lead, powder coated reloads through the pistol the past few years. That include various cast bullet designs by Lee in 120 gr. TC and 125 gr. RN bullets, and two different NOE bullets in 124 gr. TC and 130 gr. HP or 135 gr. FN depending on which pins I use in the mold. No problem whatsoever.
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