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By wv109323
I am considering buying a Canik TP9sfx. I would like to shoot my own cast bullets. Cast bullets need to be .001 or .002" larger than actual bore size. I was wondering if anyone has slugged their barrel and what the actual bore size is.
I ran into problems with a CZ. The bore is .3565 and when you get a lead bullet to fit the bore there are chambering problems.
My 1981 CZ-75 has an oversize bore and grooves so I know what you're saying. I haven't slugged my Canik TP9SFx bore as the Canik TP9 supposedly has a match grade barrel and mine certainly shoots like it does. I would be surprised if the bore/groove diameters were excessive.

For many years I cast my own bullets in many calibers and weights including for 9mm. I still have all my molds, melting pots, sizers etc. but I haven't cast in a long time.

It's much easier to simply buy Berry's hollow base bullets that are .356" in diameter. I'm sure that the hollow base expands when the powder ignites and seals the bore. I use them in all my 9mm handguns with excellent results.
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