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Hey folks,

This reloading forum used to be one of the most active reloading forums around until everything started getting hard to get and fewer and fewer people were participating in this forum. I am still for the most part having a hard time finding primers and powder at non-gouging prices, but there is stuff out there if you keep looking. I bought 1000 Federal small rifle primers for $55 and 2 lbs of VihtaVuori N133 for $30 a lb. I have also been able to purchase bullets for reloading without waiting weeks for them to ship.

I just wanted to know how others are fairing? And see if we can get some life back into this forum.
IMO, yes to both.

I ordered 38 Special bullets 158gr SWC sized to 358 and got them shipped the same day.

In the last two weeks I've purchased (2) bricks of small pistol primers online from Midway & Brownell's. Yes, I paid shipping & HAZMAT but, at least I can find them and they are not at the gun auction site prices.

Powder I'm going out looking for today.
Finding any is more important than price IMHO.

The old $30/thousand vs $70/thousand now means that your cost per round goes up by 4 cents/round. Compared to an additional 80 cents/round at the peak or 30 cents/round now for loaded ammo if you can find it, there is no comparison.

When things get back to normal, no matter when that is, I won't be stupid enough to NOT buy 10K for $250 at a gun show like I did two years ago.
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