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I just got the TP9 EC in FDE. Everything I've read, including the owners manual that came with it says it comes with 4 optic mounting plates. I only got one with mine. Did they change something or did I get shorted?
NCLibertarian wrote: Sun Nov 14, 2021 10:02 pm I am not certain that the Combat models ever came with all the plates. My Executive is over 2 years old, and it only came with the plate that fits the Vortex. Now both of my SFx's had all 4 plates.
They did originally before Canik/Century Arms started cutting costs. Really, they should work out a system like other gun manufacturers where once you buy the gun, you get a voucher for one plate. That being said, Century would have to have plenty in stock and be on the ball enough to be able to ship the plates in a reasonable time period.

Regardless, it looks like they are moving away from the big metal plates anyways.
I'm going to pick up a TP9CE maybe the only one in town. $719. They didn't have the model with the Vortex. I'll see if they have a red dot that will fir. I do have a TP9SFXBR549 with multiple plates maybe one will swap on there if I buy a dot that won't fit.
Well, took my trip to Nashville and bought it. Academy's in my AO were all out and wanted full MSRP to get one in. I really enjoyed shooting it. I ran about 150rds through it. 3 stove pipes. It was all with the Blazer brass. It ran 40-ish+ rounds of Tula with no problems. I did have one failure to lock open on the Blazer.
TP9FXSBR549 wrote: Sun Nov 21, 2021 1:29 am
colonel00 wrote: Tue Nov 16, 2021 12:19 am
Regardless, it looks like they are moving away from the big metal plates anyways.
Just bought one. 1 plate. Looks like the same plate as my TP9SFX. I have all 4 of those.

So if they are moving away from the plates what are they going to?
All of the new models have the optic cut for the micro red dots with the Shield footprint. This allows the rear iron sights to stay in place and the red dot sits low enough to cowitness with the irons.
The Shield is rather "iffy" on their quality aren't they? I am going to start looking for a TP9SC. I really would like one with a black slide. Not sure if they still make that one. And of course the optic mount cut. My favorite LGS has a SC with the Shield. I think it was $629. Still don't like the feel of it. A different dot sight is something I would want VS the Shield.

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