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Actually, my wife's Executive, since she ganked it from me after installing all the Taylor Freelance stuff on it.

I want to run it with 115 grain. Obviously I need to change the recoil spring and guiderod. I'm about to order the Tungsten guiderod for Elites. My question is, what spring weight will I need? I believe that it's currently a 22lb spring, what am I going to need for 115 compensated? 18 or 20?
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If you go to Wolff Gunsprings, I think you can get a variety pack but I don't remember what springs it comes with. Even if you can't, get a range and see what works for the ammo you shoot.

I meant to ask in your other thread, are you having issues now with the gun running correctly? A comp adds a little weight but I don't know that it should drastically change the way it runs or require new springs.
A compensator will bleed off some of the gas needed to cycle the pistol. It's something you'll have to experiment with after you install the unit. It may surprise you and run fine as is, or you may have to play with RSA spring weights. I ran into this while adding a comp to my SFX. It may be that you will also have to change the striker spring. Many recoil springs come paired with a new striker spring as well.
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