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I figured they were the same frame, but on handgun hero. I noticed some differences:

- The two slides are the same length, but if I align the tops of the two slides, the Combat has thicker upper (top of slide to the rail). It looks like a 1/4 inch. This translates to the backstrap height differences. Meaning, you get a little higher grip on the SF Elite.

- Elite Combat has a steeper grip angle (more obvious lower on the grip). When changing the transparency, it is a pretty big difference.

Are these photo comparisons accurate?

https://www.handgunhero.com/compare/can ... ite-combat
I think it's just an optical illusion on how the photos were taken. It also appears that the Elite has a larger backstrap on the grip versus the ECE. Height difference is probably the difference in iron sights as they are different on the ECE.

I don't have my Elite anymore to compare to my EC but I'm pretty sure they are the same frames. In fact, check out this post on Reddit
I had been looking for a model close to the SF Elite for holster options. I had heard that the Elite Combat shared the same frame and slide as the SFE so I went to handgun hero too. I'm glad I found your post because I noticed the differences too and thought I heard wrong. I would like to know if the slides are interchangeable between the 2 though because I did notice a couple small differences on the nose of the 2 but again this is according to their pics because I don't have an EC.
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