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I had to buy some Tulammo during the ammo shortage, it shoots fine but leaves some stubborn copper fouling. I got home and cleaned as I always have with Lucas extreme bore cleaner but the stubborn copper fouling remained. I had a bit of Hoppes # 9 left and used that as well and yes I let it soak in the barrel for a while, the copper remained. I really didn't want to use anything with ammonia in it so I started looking. I was convinced that chemical technology has progressed over the last 118 years since Hoppes # 9 was invented and I was right. After reading many reviews and research I ordered some Bore Tech Eliminator and followed the directions. One patch soaked in it ran through and turned blue-green and black. The copper was just about gone with one pass but I went ahead with the cleaning procedure. The bore has never been cleaner except when it was new, it removed everything. Even the crud the other stuff left behind, it also removed the copper left on the feed ramp. No odor to speak of, not harmful to leave in your barrel, Highly recommended.
Yes, thanks for the report. I have heard of this product line, but never tried it. Willing to give it a try, though I can't say I am disappointed with my 1-2-3-4 barrel cleaning practice:
1. Snake through the barrel when finished shooting at the range, while gunk is still warm and soft
2. At home, Hoppes 9
3. Ballistol with patches until visible clean results
4. Snake it again.

Neil 8-)
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