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I picked up a new pocket gun today. The Ruger LCP Max. Wow what a lightweight gun- 10.6 oz empty. And it comes with a 10 round double stack magazine. Ruger also makes a 12 round mag for it- and why IT DOESN'T SHIP WITH BOTH??? I don't know.
On most of my local travels I carry a pocket gun, when I go into town or on the road- I carry a little more firepower. But this Ruger will comer most of my moving around. I believe i will like it......

As a first-gen LCP owner:
I've seen the pics comparing the LCP2 to the Max, but is the grip any fuller? It looks nice, should carry nice, but they did make the grip taller, when small size is the whole point of these mouse guns... I'd probably be more excited if they kept the height the same, with a capacity of 8, and the newer, more rounded ergonomics. Then an extended 10/12 round mag for anybody who wants it.

Still, twice the capacity of a j-frame, in a smaller package though...

I'm not likely to run out and buy one over the Max 9, which would likely be my first preference.
I've been through multiple LCP2's. I traded them off for other guns. I still have one. The Max seems to be okay do far. Except the rear sight needs to be drifted. I took for granted the guy who installed the rear sight could install it properly. Apparently it was too much to ask.

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