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I recently had cataract surgery where a toric lens was put inside each eye. I can now see everything like a teenager but there’s a side effect. These lenses create a “starburst” effect where strong points of light, like auto headlights, have spikes around them. The reason that you should consider this if you’re thinking about having cataract surgery is that the same things happen with red dots making them appear about 3-4 times bigger and can partially or fully obscure a small bullseye. I have red dots on a rifle and pistol and am considering iron or telescopic sights for each. Just a heads up, y’all!
Yeah astigmatism does the same to you, I for rifle red dots I mostly run Primary Arms prism stuff and a couple Vortex's. Pistol red dots are trickier to find something that works, I find the green reticles to be more visible got a couple holosun 507's, and rmr's which i find the least washed out of the red dots ive tried but going to stick with green in the future.
I had cataract surgery on both eyes in November of '19. Shot last summer with my TP9SFx & red dots (Burris Fastfire and Swamp Fox Justice). Yup, sure can see better! I didn't have any other problems than being a novice to dots and finding the darn thing in the window. Based on my limited experience, I HIGHLY recommend both the cataract surgery (when your doctor recommends it), AND the dot sights! I don't have the speed or agility of a young person as I turn 68 in a couple of months, but at least I can see!! And that's good enough... and working on the rest! Good luck, shoot straight.
I had that procedure done last year & went from very near-sighted to slightly far-sighted. Past 2 1/2 feet everything is super sharp but inside that is a little blurry. I use reading glasses now but I just need weak ones. I found at the range the targets are sharp but my sights are a little blurry. Much experimenting with reading glasses lead me to find shooting glasses with .75 magnification out to about 20 yards & .5 magnification past that. If I go to 1.0 magnification the target gets blurry. It can be a compromise. This surgery shrunk my groups. I quit shooting before surgery because everything was blurry & my shooting was horrible.

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