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Hey Studs,

A guy I know from church is desiring to sell this gun, yet I'm lost as a goose in high wind on this type of firearm.
His family suffered quite a bit from the tornadoes a couple months back and trying to make ends meet.
I could use it as Home Defense weapon possibly, yet again I have no point of reference here concerning reliability and value.
One guy I know says a 5.56 barely stops coyotes or bobcats!
He wants $800 for it staight sale or my Canik plus $300 boot.???
What I've researched it looks to be a entry level and overpriced.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!
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From the pictures on my phone, that looks like a non-braced (regular stock) AR15. With a suspiciously short barrel.

How long is the barrel? If not 16", then that is an NFA controlled SBR and I'd stay away.

Also, shot a few coyotes with a .223 and they go down fast. The AR wouldn't be the longest serving rifle in US military history if it wasn't effective.
Also, just looking at the photos again, are you sure this is from PSA (Palmetto State Armory)? The upper looks like it is a side charger as I don't see a charging handle at the rear. That might push the value up a bit if it's something you like.
Its some sort of KAK style brace. colonel is correct side charger does increase the value. Probably worth 7-800 due to side charger. 5.56 atops things fine, especially with the right ammo. I've no experience with PSA side chargers but I've built a few of their lowers up and have a few upper premium line and freedom line they've all worked good for me, sometimes they can be a bit overgassed something to consider if shooting suppressed though can just replace the gas block with an adjustable.
Pretty decent deal I guess. 7.5" for a 5.56 is pretty short and you'll lose a lot of velocity. The shortest I go for 5.56 is 10.5" and many like to keep it at 14.5-16. That said, for home defense, you don't need long range velocity so it should be fine.
OK, I wasn't aware of a "blade style" brace. With the new ATF director, I doubt whether any of the previous brace "opinions" won't be changed and these AR pistols won't be reclassified as SBR's. If they are, you (and I) will have to get new 16" barrels for those weapons.

In any case, you can buy a Bear Creek side charging 7.5" upper new for $280. Bear Creek is known for, um, inexpensive? budget? cheap? components, so don't expect much accuracy. YMMV. ... atform=442

A complete new Anderson lower is $180. ... -open.html

The KAK is $65. Apparently it requires a custom tube, so you may be able to shop around and save on the lower above without a stock.

So all in, you are at $525. Magpul mags are $15.

Don't expect much accuracy from any 7.5" pistol, they are optimized for self defense, not hunting. It wouldn't be ethical to take a 100 yard shot at a coyote with a red dot on an AR pistol. Also, since you lose so much energy with a short barrel, stick with the heavier 62-75gr bullets.

If this is your first AR, I'd stick with a new name brand AR15 for under $800: ... auto-rifle

No complications with the SBR/pistol issues, probably more accurate, good for defense or hunting at moderate ranges with a decent scope (say 200 yards), already built correctly vs put together from parts by someone else, so probably more reliable, etc.

You can probably save money if you built it yourself (even from an upper/lower combo as above, but with a better upper) and learn more if you like to tinker.

It looks like your assessment was spot on, entry level and overpriced. So buy the first one new, then build the next one (or ten...).
One more thing - although I built a 10.5" AR pistol for the heck of it, it is securely locked up in the safe about as far away from my bedroom as is possible. Unless you live in the country and are an empty nester, I am not a fan of AR's for home protection, they over-penetrate like crazy through wallboard. You would be endangering anyone in the neighborhood, let alone anyone in your house.

Even if I decided that I needed an AR for defense, I'd choose my 16" with a 1-4x illuminated scope over the 10.5" with the red dot. It would give me everything the 7.5" has (except a comparatively small advantage of the shorter barrel when you compare the entire length of the rifle) and a lot more precision if needed.

I do have the Canik SF in the nightstand.
Yeah I've heard some bad stories about BCA quality especially when it comes to barrels(what do you expect for sub $100 barrel) . I've played around with different length pistol uppers the smallest I now own in 5.56 is 12.5, 10.5 for .300BO.. With 5.56 once you go below 12.5 you start losing alot of velocity and accuracy shooting any distance.

PSA has had some deals lately for around 300 for complete blem upper, and 200ish for lower sometimes Sportsmans Guide has had complete poverty pony lowers on sale for $170-175. I've bought several blems from PSA and honestly I have no idea what made them blems.

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