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Some time last year, I got a bug in my brain to build a free floated long range upper for my 5.56 carbine. I started acquiring tools and small parts to put toward the build. I actually mentioned this in the "What are you spending money on" thread.

Well, with lack of ammo availability, I became concerned with building a rifle that I can't feed. I like to shoot my guns. The idea of having a gun I can't shoot makes me ill. :YMSICK: looking at my ammo supplies, I had an abundance of 22lr and, in the past, had entertained the idea of a conversion kit. While the conversions may work ok with mediocre accuracy, I wanted better accuracy and didn't want to goober up my 5.56 upper with 22 filth. Decision made. Dedicated upper.

I have assembled a lower receiver before. It's relatively simple if you are just a little bit mechanically inclined and doesn't require special tools, though they can make the process easier. A centerfire upper is a little more complex, and utilizes some specialty (not in the basic toolbox) tools for the assembly. A dedicated 22 upper is blowback operated. The gas block and gas tube are not needed and the buffer and spring only serve to put pressure on the bolt assembly to hold it in place.
I relied heavily on an online retailer called RightToBear works with CMMG and sells both CMMG products, RTB branded products that are made by CMMG , and rifle and handgun parts from other manufacturers. Their main focus is the Glock and AR-15 platforms.

From RTB, I purchased.....
RTB Mil-Spec stripped upper receiver
RTB bolt carrier group with barrel collar
RTB 25 round magazines x2
RTB 16" pencil profile 1:16 twist AR-15 barrel

After some research, I opted for a reliability kit and a forward assist plug from a company called BoreBuddy.

I cut cost corners where I could. I bought a 13" m-lok free-float handguard from a site called JustRails. From them, I also purchased a standard aluminum charging handle. My buis are UTG as well as UTG QD sling swivel and mount.

The most challenging part of the assembly was getting the barrel nut timed properly for the handguard to line up with the receiver properly.
Since completion in March, I've put roughly 500 rounds through the rifle with only 1 failure. That failure was no fault of the rifle. There was a solid strike on the rim 2x, just a dud round. The rifle has fed and fired lead round nose, copper plated round nose and hollow points without issue. It seems to have a preference for the copper plated rounds for accuracy, but the lead rounds aren't far behind. The Armscor hollow points were the least accurate.

As the ultimate test of both the rifle and my own skills, I signed up for a Project Appleseed weekend shooting event. I struggled a little with the smallest targets. My eyesight has declined a little over the last few years. On day 2 of the event, I added a fixed 4x32 Simmons scope. The fine crosshairs and slight magnification allowed me to see well enough to earn my Rifleman's patch on the 2nd day.

While there may be some things I'll tweak and I'll probably assemble a lower for it to make a complete rifle, I am very pleased with the outcome.

Have any of you assembled a dedicated upper?
Did you acuire an already assembled dedicated upper or complete rifle? Do you have a conversion kit for you centerfire AR?
Let's discuss.
I had thought about building a .22 upper before but at the time it was just more economical to buy a s&w mp15-22(this was when you could still snag them on sale for $300ish.) I changed grip and stock for magpul stuff and left the mlok rail it came with, along with adding 3x prism red dot.

Lately been thinking about adding a second .22 ar to the stable this time I'm going to roll my own as I'd like to do a folder. I've got a couple stripped lowers so I'll either build on a psa or poverty pony stripped lowe, RISE drop in trigger, haven't decided on stock yet rest of the lower will be basic mil spec with magpul grip. I got a couple stripped uppers laying around to use, will probably go with cmmg bolt, haven't researched enough on barrel yet 1:16 probably but I haven't decided on length thinking maybe 12.5". Probably will do the RediMag adapter for 15.22 mags as well. I will also probably do .22lr reticle acss optic from primary arms.
The mag adapter for 15-22 mags would be a good addition. The mags I have work well, but can be a pain to load. Good luck finding any 15-22 mags in stock right now.

Even with today's prices, a 15-22 would have been a more economical choice. Everyone loves the 15-22, but I didn't want a plastic look alike with proprietary parts. Not that I will, but I could strip apart this upper into parts and make it into just about whatever I want. This was a work around for impending 2nd amendment doom (not a whole rifle, no serialized parts) as well as a disapproving wife. :roll:
I'm ok on 15-22 mags I have around a dozen of them already before they shot through the roof price wise.

I do wish the S&W was more milspec, but atleast can upgrade some things like the trigger. If the new pistols one didnt have the stupid built in non functioning buffer tube I'd probably just get one of them.

The RTB and CMMG bolt groups are identical? I see the RTB one sells for $10 less.

My main issue at the moment is barrels I can't find any in lengths I want.
TL1000RSquid wrote: Sat May 15, 2021 4:38 pm The RTB and CMMG bolt groups are identical? I see the RTB one sells for $10 less.

My main issue at the moment is barrels I can't find any in lengths I want.
I do believe the RTB and CMMG bolt groups are the same. I think the savings comes from no branding on the parts.

I struggled to find a reasonably priced barrel. I wasn't going to spend $300 on match grade barrel when I wasn't going to buy match grade ammo and I didn't want an aluminum barrel with a steel barrel insert. Luckily, a couple barrels popped up on RTB and I snatched up my nitrided pencil barrel at $149 right before they went back outta stock. I haven't seen any in stock there since. I think I got lucky. I didn't want to make a pistol, so the shorter barrels didn't interest me.
Yeah I dont want any insert barrels either, I want steel, if its pencil, hbar, or whatever I dont care. at the moment all I'm seeing anywhere is 9" and shorter or 16 and 20. I'm going to run with a can so I'd like to have 11.5 or 12.5". Lower will be pistol for now but I may form1 it. I'd consider integrally suppressed barrel but looks like no one makes an .22 AR one just 10/22 and 15-22.
Palmetto State Armory recently was offering their nickel boron treated 2 stage trigger for $69.99/free shipping. I'm a fan of PSA, was curious, and that trigger gets pretty good reviews, so I ordered.

Much lighter than the Mil-Spec. I only tested it with 5 rounds of 5.56(for now). I was more curious as to whether it would ignite rimfire reliably. I am pleased to say that it did. I put about 20 rounds down the tube. My 10yo got to try it. He was minute of paper plate @ 50 yds, which isn't bad considering his lack of experience. My groups were good and I look forward to putting a little more time, effort , and range into the equation.

I'm in conservation mode with ammunition, so range trips can seem almost silly. 5 rounds of 9mm, 5 of 5.56, 2 or 3 30-06, 25-50 22lr and not all in 1 visit. The range is conveniently close, so I go when I want and shoot light.
I have one of their 2 stage triggers in an AR10 lower I bought from them. Seems quite decent. I'm no trigger snob but I have no issues with it. I'm also a fan of the Larue MBT which is a good trigger (to me) for a very reasonable price.
I'm no trigger snob either, but I'd be lying if I didn't acknowledge the differences. I do notice them. I like my Mil-Spec trigger. It's firm, but not overly so, steady smooth and predictable and that is from a PSA build kit (not EPT). The 1st of the 2 stage just feels like a little take-up then a wall and maybe 3lb to pull through that. These are all guesses. Don't how well my finger is calibrated.

The light pulls of the 2 stage have less affect on my targeting. The whole set-up seemed smoother under the 22 upper. Trigger pull and reset were not as "ker-chunky" as they were with the Mil-Spec trigger group.

What did your original .22 upper cost, all in?

Also, as a trigger snob, I haven't tried them yet, but I have heard people say that LaRue triggers are the best for sub-$100. I think that they used to be $59, but like everything, went up, now $89.
ncjw wrote: Wed Jun 02, 2021 10:03 am Shooter,

What did your original .22 upper cost, all in?
I'm really not a fan of looking at the numbers that way. It's a much easier pill to swallow a couple parts at a time. But if you must know.
$552.22. This number doesn't include scope/rings or sling.
ncjw wrote: Wed Jun 02, 2021 10:03 am Also, as a trigger snob, I haven't tried them yet, but I have heard people say that LaRue triggers are the best for sub-$100. I think that they used to be $59, but like everything, went up, now $89.
Actually, I think the pricing has come down. At least in the last few years. They used to be up over $100 from what I remember.

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