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By Ghostwolf308
So we all have things we EDC. i currently are a leather wallet made for front pocket carry but im looking to see whats out there and whats better. Any suggestions for a front pocket carry wallet??
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By keltex78
I've always carried my wallet in my front pocket since I was a kid. When I first started carrying a wallet, I was paranoid about pickpockets! :-S

Kept carrying that way, never a back-pocket guy.

Also better for your back, if you are one of those thicc wallet guys.
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By keltex78
Left pocket: wallet and flashlight (deep-carry pocket clip).

Right pocket: keys and pocketknife, unless: pocket carry pistol, with knife clipped BACK pocket and keys go wherever I can find space.

Phone goes in back pocket, until I sit down.
By ncjw
Desantis Nemesis works great for a micro carry pocket holster.

Wallet and keys in front right and phone in front left unless pocket carry, then only keys and gun in front right.
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