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Image]Anybody know where to find any of this, Winchester W Train and Defend Handgun Ammo 9mm[/I]???
It was rated by a YouTube guru higher than Federal there is no trace of it anywhere I've seen.

Anyone ever used it or have any experience with it?

Winchester 147.png
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Hi Reggietsfree,

If you check out the performance of the Winchester W Train and Federal's HST 147 grain bullets I don't see any advantage of the W Train over the HST. The W Train is higher penetrating. The HST penetration is pretty much in the FBI zone of 12" to 18". The average penetration of 5 shots with the HST is 15". The average penetration of the W Train is 18.7". The average expansion for the HST is .61. The average expansion for the W Train is .52. You can check out the performance of the two bullets at Lucky Gunner Labs on line.

I would rather have better expansion with good penetration rather than over penetration and less expansion. They will both do the job but I will stick with the HST.


Great observation. I was baffled by Shooting the Bull's ranking it higher than HST, maybe a personal preference I guess.
I was more curious than anything.
I am stocked pretty good with HST 124 gr/147 +P & non +P...also Speer GD 124+P...some Golden Sabers 124 as well.
BTW...ever shot any Black Hills 125 HoneyBadger or Buffaloe +P 124 HP's???
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