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I'm here everyday + the Canik sections on MeWe and Reddit. I have my Canik chosen but the MD ownership "permit" foolishness is holding up the works for a few more days. I have a Taylor Freelance + 9 Mag Extender and Slide Racking Post in the cart . I'm also on Jerry's list on MeWe, for a new Optics Plate with built-in rear suppressor height sight for my Executive. Might be able to order the pistol next week.
I don't check the forum every day like some. Heck, I might sometimes go a few weeks without checking. But I avoid social media and like forums. This is a good one and I will continue to check in on it. Circumstances that increase my frequency of visiting the site include new releases from Canik; if I buy a new Canik; and if I post a question/comment. The BonsaiNut forum automatically e-mailes you if someone responds to a thread you've posted in.
I average a daily check in. I agree that it has been quiet, but like others I don't go anywhere else for my Canik fix.

Canik has also been quiet lately, hopefully there will be a few new Cerakote options to keep Canik in front of the gun press.

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