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New Members, take a moment and introduce yourself. Tell us a little about you and your interest in the Canik brand of firearms.
By FireStation46
Hello all. I looked to get a new handgun for Concealed Carry. I tried the S&W M&P and found racking the slide a major pain. My local dealer recommended I try the Canik TP9 SC. I bought it on his recommendation and when it came in I loved it! I went to the range and enjoyed how accurate it was using the iron sights. I bought an Upula speed loader for the magazine and that made things even better! I was able to buy 20 round 9mm ammo direct from Federal. Two box limit per order.

Not sure if I want to get the ADE sights that just came out for this model. I was thinking the red dot sight would impact the conceal ability.
Upper is Glock .22 ( I know, don’t ask)

Lower is my 1st five rounds of my Canik TP9 sc 9mm to check out accuracy.

I like the grouping using the open sights

Still on the fence if I should add ADE Spike red dot
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By colonel00
Welcome and good shooting. If you are going to carry the gun or use it for home defense, I'd suggest paying more for a more robust red dot. I have one of the ADE sights and it's decent but I don't know that I'd bet my life on it just yet. If you are just shooting the SC at a range, it will probably be fine.
By shovelmike
Welcome to the forum. I went with Sig Sauer Romeo Zero on my SC, and am happy with it. I don't think it impacts concealability much, but limits the holsters I can use.
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