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New guy here, hello...

Picked up my TP9SFX (Tungsten w/ Vortex Viper) last Wednesday and was able to get 130 rounds through it on Saturday, at Alpine (DFW area). Alpine's bulk ammo (all they had) is Browning 115gr FMJ (according to the counter staff) and the pistol ran perfectly. No FTF, FTE or slide lock problems... or any other problems for that matter.

Just used the iron sights and they appear to be right on. And the trigger feels great to me, and as described from everything I've read about Canik triggers. Plan to keep it stock for now and get 500 rounds through it before I consider any changes.

My one nitpick is that I could only get 19 rounds in either magazine. Maybe a little more break in will free up that extra space needed for 20 rounds?

So overall I'm really happy with the pistol and the value. Got lucky enough to snag one from Grabagun as I had been watching their website, along with Palmetto State Armory for quite a while. More range time, along with using some different ammo (if I can find any) is next on the agenda. Along with reading up on the forums here as there's a lots of posts and information to get through.

Not that unusual for magazines to require a little break-in time also. Maybe keep the magazines loaded as full as you can, then unload and reload them once or twice a week.. should loosen the spring up enough to let 20 in. Also, disassemble and clean the magazine first, and very light lubrication. Good luck, and have fun!!!
I had gone through the pistol and checked everything beforehand, but didn't disassemble the mags. I did load and unload them several times and left them loaded the night before going to the range, but just 19 rounds so far. I'll pull the base plates off and check the mags internally when I clean the gun. And when I get some more ammo, I'll top them off and leave them that way for a few days. It will be a while before I can get back to the range anyway.
#1gunnutin cntrl Fla wrote: Tue Apr 20, 2021 4:50 pm Do yourself a favor and buy a magula mag loader.You will be able to get that last round in mag and save alot of time and skin loading mags
I was using the loader that came in the case with the pistol... No amount of force would give me enough room for that 20th round. And it wasn't close either. After the 19th round I only had about an ⅛ of an inch of space. And I needed another ¼" to even try to get that last round in there.
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