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By IndyTG
I purchased an SFX in 2017 to shoot in Carry Optics in USPSA & IDPA. That gun, IMHO, has best out of box or custom trigger I’ve ever had in a striker fired gun. It’s 3 lbs with no creep and a 1911 like break. I’ve done nothing but brag about Caniks since I picked up that gun. After 35K rounds the trigger pin broke. While I was waiting for parts, I decided to pick another SFX. I found one a reasonable price and bought it. The new SFX looks the old one, but that’s all they have in common. Out of the box, the trigger pull felt like a mushy 2-stage trigger with a 5 1/2 lb + break. Needless to say, I was shocked and disappointed. The profile of trigger bar was changed, resulting in the 2-stage like feel, the trigger return spring has more coils, and the striker block spring very heavy. After replacing the trigger return and striker block springs with Galloway parts and swapping out the striker spring with a 6.5 spring, the trigger pull is down to a less mushy 4.5 lbs. Either I originally bought a unicorn or Canik took an amazing gun and screwed it up. I think it’s the latter because I also bought an SF Elite in 2017 and it has a pretty amazing trigger as well. Sorry for venting, but I just can’t believe how bad the trigger is on the new SFX.
Here are photos of the 2017 and new trigger bars.

I attempted to add reduced resolution photos. I’m not sure it will work.
78F35D83-B063-456B-B0AA-466F574CE837.jpeg (14.64 KiB) Viewed 343 times
68D91B0E-D553-4DDA-99E7-6C7C8C602350.jpeg (14.76 KiB) Viewed 343 times
Interesting. I don't see a huge difference that should make the trigger feel mushy though. Also, I assume there have been thousands of rounds through the 2017 which could change things quite a bit.

Also, the severe duty thing was just a stronger safety plunger spring, wasn't it? And, most of us just swap that out for a reduced power spring anyways.
I can't see anything in the pics.

However, if true, it might be because the Turkish currency is collapsing and they can't get the same quality parts.

Would like to hear of any more recent examples.
I just checked my sfx and sf combat elite executive and they both have the new trigger bar. My sfx has a 3# 4oz single stage trigger pull with the 6.5# striker spring and reduced power plunger spring. Very smooth and crisp.

My sf CEE is factory and is a tad spongy on the take-up but light and smooth and breaks at 4# 0.6oz so basically 4#
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