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Discussion Section for Ammunition, Reloading and Handloading.
Been pretty boring around here so figured I'd post up a thread to see what people are seeing regarding ammo availability and what you are passing on. I've actually been passing on quite a bit lately. Seeing a good amount of 9mm and other calibers here and there. Nothing super exciting but it's briefly on shelves at least. Prices are still in the silly realm though. Some 9mm hasn't been too bad at close to $20/box though.

On the road for work, I stopped in Sportsman's Warehouse today in Harrisburg, PA. They actually had 9mm last night but it was gone today. I did almost walk out with some Speer Gold Dot 5.7x28. You don't find 5.7 that often pre-plandemic and I rarely see the Speer on the shelves. But, at $59/box it was a tough call. $1.20/rd for rounds I really wouldn't ever shoot turned out to be a bit much. Walked around for 15 minutes and then decided that I could better spend the money somewhere else.

So, what ammo are you all seeing out there and what is your threshold for not buying?



...shows that he ammo shortage will not be over anytime soon. How many are new owners is unknown, they are probably driving the largest part of the buying spree. We multiple gun owners are probably still buying guns, but why buy more is there is no ammo?

The number of gun owners is what is matters in the future, not the number of guns, there are plenty of guns.

Joe the Pretender has surpassed Obama as the world's greatest gun salesman.

In any case, I am not buying at these prices and until they come back down, I am shooting my "hoard" very sparingly. Without knowing when it will be over, I have no way of knowing at what rate to shoot.

I would not be surprised if Biden's puppet masters either make mail order ammo illegal or "encourage" Visa and MC to shut off all ammo companies.

We shall see.
I doubt I'll be buying ammo any time soon. Fortunately, I had stashed away enough components to keep me reloading for a while, and I prefer my reloads to most commercial loads. I do like seeing some of us more experienced shooters working among ourselves with regard to buying, selling and trading components and sometimes ammo at pre-pandemic prices. I just got 100 7mm Rem Mag cases and a Hornady Die set for about $50 shipped, which I thought was fair. I've seen other deals as well. Good for us to be looking out for each other. I have nothing but contempt for those opportunists taking advantage of the situation to try to make absurd profits. I have a couple of boxes of white Winchester in .40 and 9mm I bought at Walmart before they stopped selling it, and I think that's the last ammo I bought.
I have also watched some of the videos with ammo company execs purporting to show how their finished goods shelves are empty and that they are running three shifts. However, I don't see them actually on the factory floor with rounds spitting out of loaders. Now some of this may due to protecting intellectual property, but other ammo guys did it pre-panic.

Doesn't prove that they aren't, but from everyone that I have talked to at LGS's, they say that the manufacturers are charging $700/case and they are not making much, especially since they aren't getting nearly as much as they used to. So where is it going?

I imagine that there is an MBA formula somewhere that optimizes profit margin vs unit demand in a panic where if you keep the supply at a certain level, you can really jack up profits and keep the panic going. This lasts until someone in the very small industry breaks and makes a lot of ammo to try and beat the inevitable return to normalcy. We shall see.
So just ignore what I posted a week ago, my itchy trigger finger won out and I went to the range (with steel) and went through about 350 rounds.

Tested some P80 mods (which, surprisingly, given my tinkering abilities, went well) and then shot the Elite, which hasn't been to the range in a year, poor soul. The Elite remained 100% boringly reliable and accurate.

But it was half as fun as it used to be because you are always aware that your hoard is dwindling with little hope of being refreshed anytime soon.
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