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Discussion Section for Ammunition, Reloading and Handloading.
I was in Lexington, KY today and stopped by at Bud's flagship store. Figured that I would post a little ammo porn:

ammo pic.jpg
ammo pic.jpg (251.61 KiB) Viewed 156 times

Best estimate is 70,000 rounds at 50 cents per or $35K worth of 9mm.
OK, so I like you guys...but apparently not that much...

Over the past few days I have been slowly buying two cases of 9mm at an average price of about $16/box (pre-S/H/tax). Sure, it is still twice as expensive as it ought to be, but that was my magic buying point to at least start to restock the hoard.

Academy Sports has been allowing 4 boxes of whatever is available for home delivery. They have had a lot of CCI aluminum cased stuff for $15 and brass for $16-17. I could usually get 8 boxes a day. $8 shipping for practically anything (I added some .223 sometimes when it was $12/box).

I also stopped by the retail store a couple of times and got more CCI aluminum cased stuff for $15, but they only allowed 4 boxes total, not of each type like online.

Anyway, now that I got mine, good luck...
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